10 Common Remington 1187 Problems (With Fixes)

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Remington 1187 is one of the best brands in the world of guns. 

But some people face problems with this model. 

10 Common Remington 1187 Problems

In this guide, we explain 12 common problems of this model with unique solutions. So let’s start now.

Remington 1187 Problems

The Remington 1187, while a highly sought-after shotgun, is not without its issues. Commonly reported problems include cycling issues, primarily with lighter loads, which can often be traced back to improper maintenance or a worn O-ring.

Additionally, some users have reported difficulty in disassembling and reassembling the firearm for cleaning due to its complex structure.

Lastly, the stock finish has been reported to wear off easily, potentially affecting the gun’s aesthetic appeal over time.

1. Jamming Problems


The Remington 1187 is notorious for jamming issues, typically due to one of three common culprits. 

Firstly, the gun may not be adequately cleaned or lubricated, leading to increased friction and the jamming of shells. 

Secondly, the use of low-quality ammunition can lead to irregular firing, causing the gun to jam. 

The third cause is wear and tear of the parts, particularly the extractor and the action spring plug, which can prevent the gun from cycling properly.


To combat these issues, thorough and regular maintenance of your Remington 1187 is a must. 

A detailed cleaning after every use can prevent the build-up of dirt and grime, reducing the risk of jamming.

When cleaning, pay close attention to the action bars, bolt, and breech area. Use high-quality ammunition for consistent performance and lessens the chance of irregular firing. 

If the gun continues to jam after cleaning and changing ammo, consider replacing worn-out parts, specifically the extractor and action spring plug. 

Regular inspection of these parts can ensure timely replacement and smooth operation of your gun.

2. Feed Latch Problems


One of the typical hiccups with the Remington 1187 is the feed latch problems, which can seriously hamper your shooting experience. 

The common causes for this are inadequate maintenance and excessive use of the firearm. The feed latch may become loose or bent over time due to wear and tear. 

This is particularly true if the firearm is not properly cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis. Using the gun heavily without giving it a proper rest can also lead to

3. Firing Pin Problems


Hey, let’s talk about firing pin woes. The Remington 1187, like any firearm, can be prone to firing pin problems

The firing pin can get damaged or stuck, usually due to a lack of lubrication, accumulation of dirt and grime, or simply from heavy usage. 

A broken or bent firing pin can lead to misfires and seriously ruin your day at the range.


Now, the fix! The first step for this problem is to regularly clean and lubricate your Remington 1187 to keep the firing pin moving freely. 

Use a brush and some solvent to remove any build-up of grime or fouling around the pin. If cleaning doesn’t do the trick, it might be time for a replacement firing pin

Always keep a spare pin in your toolbox and remember, your firearm is only as good as its maintenance!

4. Cycling Problems


Alright, moving on to cycling problems. So, the Remington 1187 can occasionally face issues with the cycling process

This typically happens due to excessive fouling in the gas system or a weak action spring. The gun might not fully cycle, causing it to not eject spent shells or load new ones efficiently. 

Besides, age and heavy use can weaken the action spring, contributing to cycling problems.


The good news is, that these issues are pretty fixable. To keep your Remington 1187 cycling smoothly, make sure to clean the gas system thoroughly after each use

This can prevent the build-up of fouling that could obstruct the cycling process. Also, keep an eye on the action spring

If your firearm is old or heavily used, consider replacing the action spring to ensure efficient cycling. 

Remember, taking proper care of your gun significantly reduces the chances of encountering these problems.

5. Ejection Problems


Hey, so you’ve been experiencing ejection problems with your Remington 1187? Yep, it can be a bummer. 

The culprit could be a weak ejector spring, a worn-out extractor, or a build-up of grime in the ejection port. 

A weak ejector spring may not provide enough force to eject the shell, while a worn-out extractor might not grip the shell properly. 

And let’s not forget, that the accumulation of grime can restrict the smooth ejection of shells.


Now, let’s get to the solution. To address the ejection problems, you should clean the ejection port regularly, ensuring no dirt or grime is hindering the process. 

Closely inspect the ejector spring and the extractor – if they appear weak or worn-out, replace them immediately

Remember, keeping up with your firearm’s maintenance is key to having a sweet shooting experience with your Remington 1187.

6. Gauge Problems


What’s up, shooter? Let’s talk about something that can be a real downer – gauge problems. Your Remington 1187 might face these for a few reasons. Sometimes, it’s all down to incorrect shell sizing, which can lead to improper seating and potential misfires. 

Excessive wear and tear of the shell latch might be another culprit, causing inconsistent shell feeding. 

Lastly, improper maintenance and cleaning can increase the risk of gauge problems, as grime and dust build-up can interfere with the gun’s mechanisms.


Alright, let’s talk solutions. If you’re dealing with gauge problems, first thing you gotta do is check your ammunition

Ensure you’re using the correct size shells for your firearm. Secondly, regularly inspect the shell latch – if it’s worn or damaged, don’t hesitate to replace it. 

Finally, the old faithful – regular cleaning and maintenance. Keeping your Remington 1187 clean and well-lubricated reduces the chances of gauge problems cropping up. 

With these steps, you’ll keep your shooting game strong and your Remington 1187 working like a charm!

7. Reliability Issues


Hey, buddy! So you’ve encountered some reliability issues with your Remington 1187? It’s not uncommon. 

Reliability issues can crop up due to a combination of factors including improper maintenance, heavy usage without giving the gun proper rests, and using low-quality ammunition

Over time, these factors can lead to the gun malfunctioning or not performing as expected. 

The crux of the matter is that the Remington 1187 is a machine, and like any machine, it needs proper care and attention to stay reliable.


Here’s the deal: to improve the reliability of your Remington 1187, you need to pay attention to its maintenance and usage

First and foremost, regular cleaning and lubrication are a must! This will keep the moving parts of your gun in good working order and prevent the build-up of grime which can lead to malfunctions. 

Secondly, give your gun a break now and then. Continuous heavy use can wear down the parts faster. Lastly, use high-quality ammunition

Low-quality ammo can lead to inconsistent performance and can even damage your gun. 

So remember, proper maintenance, sensible usage, and quality ammo are the keys to keeping your Remington 1187 reliable!

8. Trigger Problem


Hey, have you been having some trigger issues with your Remington 1187? It’s a real pain, isn’t it? Now, these problems could be due to a few reasons. 

A worn-out trigger spring, an unclean trigger assembly, or even a misaligned trigger could be the culprits here. 

A faulty trigger can lead to a situation where the gun either doesn’t fire when the trigger is pulled, or it fires even when the trigger isn’t being engaged. 

And let’s be real, both scenarios can be pretty dangerous.


Hang in there, ’cause here’s the fix! For resolving trigger problems, your first action should be to clean the trigger assembly regularly and lubricate it properly

This can prevent grime build-up which can impede the movement of the trigger. Regular checks for trigger alignment can also stop any misfire incidents before they occur. 

And, if you find that the trigger spring seems worn or weak, don’t sweat it, just replace the trigger spring

Always remember, a well-maintained trigger ensures a safe and fun shooting experience!

9. Link Problem


What’s up, gunslinger? So you’ve got a link problem with your Remington 1187, huh? That’s a bummer. 

These issues usually occur due to improper installation or a worn-out connecting link. The connecting link plays a crucial role in transferring the force from the recoiling barrel to the action. 

If it’s not installed correctly or is worn out, it can lead to malfunctioning of your firearm. Remember, a faulty link can seriously hamper your shooting experience.


Now, let’s blast through this link problem together. The solution is pretty straightforward – you gotta check the link for any signs of wear and tear

If it appears worn out, don’t mess around – replace it immediately. Also, if you’ve recently installed a new link, make sure it’s been done correctly. 

Proper installation is key to ensuring the smooth operation of your Remington 1187. Remember, a well-maintained link can keep your firearm operating like clockwork. 

Stay vigilant, keep your equipment in check, and you’ll keep those pesky link problems at bay!

10. Failure to Feed


Hey there, shooter! Did you know that failure to feed is one of the most common problems with the Remington 1187? 

It’s a real bummer when you’re ready to shoot and your gun just won’t cooperate. This problem usually occurs due to dirty or damaged magazines, use of incorrect ammunition size, and lack of adequate lubrication

These factors can prevent the rounds from being properly loaded into the chamber, leading to a frustrating failure-to-feed scenario. 

Remember, your Remington 1187 is a precision instrument and it needs the right care and conditions to work perfectly.


Alright, let’s sort out this failure-to-feed issue! The first thing you need to do is clean your magazines regularly – dirty magazines are one of the most common culprits behind this problem. 

Next, ensure you’re using the right size of ammunition for your gun – incorrect size can cause feeding issues. 

And don’t skip on proper lubrication – it reduces friction and helps ensure smooth operation. 

With these steps, you’ll get your Remington 1187 feeding properly in no time! Remember, taking care of these aspects can greatly reduce the chances of a failure to feed issue.


So, as we wrap up, it’s clear that keeping your Remington 1187 functioning at its best largely comes down to some good old-fashioned TLC. 

Regular cleaning, proper lubrication, using the right ammo, and taking a breather between heavy-use sessions prove to be a solid game plan. 

Detecting wear and tear early on the trigger spring, and connecting links, and magazines can save you from many a headache. 

And of course, installing parts correctly is a no-brainer! With these hacks in your arsenal, you’ll keep your Remington 1187 shooting straight and true. Happy shooting, amigo!


Is the Remington 1187 a good gun?

Absolutely! The Remington 1187 is a reliable, versatile, and high-performing semi-automatic shotgun that’s well-regarded among gun enthusiasts.

Is the Remington 1187 still in production?

Yes, the Remington 1187 is still in production. It continues to be a popular choice for shooters due to its solid performance and reliability.

How many rounds does a Remington 11-87 hold?

The Remington 11-87 has a magazine capacity of four rounds. But with one in the chamber, you’ve got a total of five rounds ready to go.

What is a Remington 1187 special purpose?

The Remington 1187 Special Purpose is a variant of 1187 designed specifically for rugged outdoor activities like hunting, with features like a weather-resistant stock and matte, finish for less reflection.

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