Beretta 694 Problems(Fixes Added)

The Beretta 694 is a renowned model in the world of shooting, admired for its sleek design and superior performance. 

However, like any other product, it is not devoid of issues.

 This article aims to address some common problems faced by Beretta 694 users, ranging from minor inconveniences to more significant malfunctions.

Beretta 694 Problems

1 . Uncomfortable Hand Grip


The discomfort in hand grip could be attributed to the size of the grip which may not be suitable for all hand sizes. 

Specifically, users with smaller hands may find the grip too large to hold comfortably, which could lead to strain or discomfort during prolonged use.

T size of the grip may not be suitable for all hand sizes. The grip could be too large for users with smaller hands.


One potential solution to this problem is to use an adjustable grip, which can be customized to better fit your hand size. 

Alternatively, you could also consider using grip tape, a popular accessory among shooters, to increase friction and enhance comfort.

Using an adjustable grip or grip tape could help alleviate discomfort. These solutions allow customization to better suit individual hand sizes and enhance shooting comfort.

2 . Inconsistent Trigger Performance


Inconsistent trigger performance is often due to the accumulation of dirt and debris within the trigger assembly.

 Over time, this buildup can interfere with the trigger’s movement, leading to unexpected results when you squeeze the trigger. 

The cause frequently lies in poor maintenance, with dirt and debris hindering the smooth operation of the trigger.


The solution to this problem involves regular cleaning and maintenance of the trigger assembly.

This can be done using a gun cleaning kit, which usually includes tools designed specifically for cleaning trigger assemblies. 

Regular cleaning with a gun cleaning kit can prevent buildup and ensure consistent performance.

3 . Difficulty in Assembly


Some users report difficulty in the assembly of the Beretta 694, which might stem from the complexity of the gun’s design. 

Particularly, first-time users or those unfamiliar with the firearm’s build may find the assembly process challenging. 

The complexity of the gun’s design, especially for first-time users or those unfamiliar with it, might lead to difficulties in assembly.


A detailed guide or tutorial can make the assembly process much more straightforward. 

Many online platforms provide comprehensive guides, including step-by-step videos, which can be immensely helpful.

 It’s also crucial to familiarize oneself with the firearm’s manual, as it contains manufacturer-specific assembly instructions. 

4 . Unreliable Safety Mechanism


The unreliability of the safety mechanism in some Beretta 694 models is often due to wear and tear over time, particularly if the firearm is used frequently. 

The safety mechanism can become less responsive due to prolonged use, leading to a potential risk when the gun is being handled.

 Additionally, improper maintenance can also contribute to this issue.


To address this issue, regular inspection and maintenance of the safety mechanism is critical. 

Regular inspection can help identify and rectify wear and tear early on, preventing the problem from escalating.

 It’s recommended to have a professional gunsmith inspect the safety mechanism if you’re unsure how to do it yourself. 

When it comes to maintenance, applying a suitable gun lubricant can help maintain the responsiveness of the safety mechanism. 

5 . Erratic Ejection of Shells


Erratic ejection of shells is typically a consequence of an issue with the ejection system. 

This problem may arise due to wear and tear over constant use or a malfunction of the ejector spring or ejector rod. 

The underlying culprits are often wear and tear, or malfunctions in the ejector spring or rod.


The solution to erratic shell ejection involves inspecting the ejection system for any signs of wear or malfunction. 

If any are detected, the worn or faulty parts should be replaced promptly. 

Regular cleaning of the ejection system can also prevent such issues from arising.

 By inspecting the ejection system regularly, replacing any worn or faulty parts promptly, and maintaining cleanliness, you can mitigate the issue of erratic shell ejection. 

In the case of complex issues, professional assistance is highly recommended. 

For complex issues, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional gunsmith.

6 . Difficulty in Maintenance


Difficulty in maintaining the Beretta 694 often originates from a lack of familiarity with the gun’s design and the specific procedures required for its upkeep. 

The gun’s intricate design can be daunting to novices, leading to hesitation or incorrect maintenance attempts.

 The root of maintenance difficulty often lies in unfamiliarity with the gun’s design and the specific maintenance procedures it requires.


The key to overcoming these difficulties lies in education.

 Detailed tutorials, manuals, and even professional training can provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the firearm’s design and how to maintain it properly. 

It’s essential to remember that consistent and correct maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan and reliability of your firearm. 

Education through tutorials, manuals, and professional training can lead to a solid understanding of maintenance procedures. 

Consistent and correct maintenance extends the life and reliability of the firearm.

7 . Trouble with Stock Adjustment


Troubles with stock adjustment stem primarily from a lack of understanding of the stock’s adjustment mechanism in Beretta 694.

This leads to difficulty in achieving a comfortable and customized fit, which can adversely affect gun handling and accuracy.

 The main cause of stock adjustment issues is unfamiliarity with the stock’s adjustment mechanism, hindering a comfortable and customized fit.


The solution to overcoming difficulties with stock adjustment lies in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the adjustment mechanism. 

This can be achieved through careful study of the firearm’s manual or by seeking guidance from experienced shooters or professional gunsmiths. 

It is also important to note that patience is vital, as achieving the perfect fit might require multiple adjustments. 

8 . Inaccurate Barrel Alignment


Inaccurate barrel alignment in the Beretta 694 can be attributed to multiple factors, including natural wear and tear, accidental damage, or improper assembly. 

The alignment can be thrown off over time, affecting the firearm’s accuracy. 

Common causes include wear and tear, accidental damage, and improper assembly, all of which can affect gun accuracy.


The solution for inaccurate barrel alignment involves regular inspection and proper maintenance. 

If misalignment is detected, it’s recommended to get the firearm realigned by a professional gunsmith. Regular cleaning and correct assembly can also prevent alignment issues. 

9 . Issues with the Recoil Pad


Issues with the recoil pad in the Beretta 694 are generally due to prolonged usage, resulting in wear and tear, or improper fitting of the recoil pad.

 Additionally, the use of substandard or incompatible recoil pads can also cause difficulties. 


Addressing recoil pad issues primarily involves ensuring proper fitting and utilizing high-quality, compatible recoil pads. 

Regular inspection and timely replacement of the recoil pad can prevent discomfort and potential damage to the firearm. 

If unsure about the correct type or fitting procedure for the recoil pad, it’s advisable to consult a professional gunsmith. 

Proper fitting, use of high-quality recoil pads, and regular inspection can resolve recoil pad issues. 

Consult a professional gunsmith if unsure about recoil pad types or fitting procedures.

10 . Subpar Durability of the Finish


The subpar durability of the finish on Beretta 694 could be linked to a variety of factors. 

These may include exposure to harsh environmental conditions, frequent usage, improper cleaning, or use of abrasive cleaning tools. 

Over time, these factors could lead to the finish wearing off, thereby diminishing the aesthetic appeal and potentially exposing the firearm to corrosion. 

Exposure to harsh conditions, frequent usage, improper cleaning, and abrasive tools often contribute to diminished finish durability, affecting the aesthetic appeal and increasing corrosion risk.


The solution to maintaining the finish’s durability revolves around proper care and maintenance of the Beretta 694. 

Key strategies include using soft, non-abrasive cleaning tools, following recommended cleaning procedures, and storing the firearm in controlled environmental conditions. 

Regular inspection and immediate addressing of any noticeable wear or damage to the finish also play a critical role in preserving the finish’s durability. 

Proper care involves using non-abrasive cleaning tools, following recommended cleaning procedures, and storing in controlled environments.

11 . Problems with Locking System


Problems with the locking system in the Beretta 694 can arise due to a multitude of reasons. 

The most common among them are improper maintenance, accumulation of dirt or debris, and natural wear and tear over time.

 These issues can lead to a malfunctioning locking system, affecting the overall performance and safety of the firearm. 

Common causes of locking system problems include improper maintenance, dirt accumulation, and natural wear and tear, leading to diminished performance and safety.


Addressing issues with the locking system primarily involves regular and proper maintenance. 

This includes thorough cleaning to remove any accumulated dirt and timely detection and replacement of worn-out parts.

 If severe issues persist, it’s recommended to seek the help of a professional gunsmith to ensure the locking system is functioning as intended.

Regular maintenance, thorough cleaning, and timely replacement of worn-out parts are critical. 

12 . Discrepancies in Choke Performance


Beretta 694’s choke performance discrepancies can stem from a variety of factors. 

Frequent use, improper installation, or inadequate maintenance can contribute to inconsistent choke performance, affecting the firearm’s overall shooting precision.

 Additionally, using incompatible or substandard choke tubes may cause performance issues. 

Frequent use, improper installation, inadequate maintenance, and use of incompatible choke tubes are common causes of choke performance discrepancies, impacting shooting precision.


To resolve discrepancies in choke performance, it is crucial to ensure regular and proper maintenance. 

This includes cleaning the choke tubes regularly and checking for any signs of wear or damage. 

Also, make sure to install the choke tubes correctly and use only those that are compatible with the Beretta 694.


In conclusion, while the Beretta 694 is a remarkable firearm, certain issues may arise due to various factors such as improper handling, maintenance neglect, and natural wear and tear. 

However, these issues, while common, can be effectively addressed through regular maintenance, proper usage, and adherence to recommended practices.

 If problems persist, seeking professional help is always advisable to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the firearm.

 Regardless, with the right care and handling, the Beretta 694 can offer an exceptional shooting experience for its users.


How good is the Beretta 694?

The Beretta 694 is a highly regarded firearm, known for its remarkable precision, superior ergonomics, and enhanced shooting comfort.

What is the drop at the heel of Beretta 694?

The drop at the heel of Beretta 694 is typically 2.36 inches, offering a refined fit for shooters.

What chokes does a Beretta 694 use?

The Beretta 694 uses the OptimaChoke HP system, providing superior ballistics and improved patterns.

What is ACS in Beretta?

ACS in Beretta stands for Adjustable Comb System, a feature that allows shooters to customize the fit for better alignment and comfort.

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