10 Common Charles Daly 1911 Problems (With Fixes!)

The Charles Daly 1911 is renowned for its performance and craftsmanship, but like any piece of machinery, it can encounter its fair share of problems.

This article will explore the common Charles Daly 1911 Problems that enthusiasts may face.

Understanding these problems is crucial for any responsible firearm owner who wants to ensure the longevity and safe operation of their Charles Daly 1911.

We’ll delve into the potential issues, providing insightful solutions to keep your firearm in prime condition.

Charles Daly 1911 Problems

Charles Daly 1911 Problems

1. Failure to Feed


Failure to feed in Charles Daly 1911 can often be attributed to a variety of factors. One of the most common causes could be the use of incorrect or low-quality ammunition. 

When it comes to the failure-to-feed1911s, not all ammo is created equal. Wrong or poorly made ammo can cause the gun to fail to feed properly. 

Another prevalent cause would be a dirty or improperly maintained firearm. Lack of regular cleaning and oiling can lead to failures to feed.


Addressing a failure-to-feed issue isn’t usually complicated. If the problem is due to poor ammunition, the solution is straightforward; switch to higher quality or the correct type of ammo. 

Investing in good ammo can significantly improve the performance of your 1911. If the issue is due to a dirty firearm, a thorough cleaning and proper oiling is necessary. 

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your firearm feeds reliably.

2. Ejection Issues


One common cause for ejection issues in the Charles Daly 1911 could relate to the extractor tension. 

If the extractor tension is too low, the firearm may have difficulty retaining the cartridge in the correct position, leading to improper ejection. 

Improper installation or damage to the extractor itself could also contribute to this problem.


The solution to ejection issues often involves inspecting and adjusting the extractor. 

Start by disassembling the firearm, then inspect the extractor for wear or damage. If the extractor appears worn or damaged, it should be replaced. 

If not, adjustment of the extractor tension could resolve the problem. Always make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines or consult with a professional when performing these procedures to ensure safety and effectiveness.

3. Extractor Malfunction


The primary cause of extractor malfunction in a Charles Daly 1911 is usually a result of prolonged use leading to wear and tear, or the accumulation of dirt and grime in the extractor claw. 

This can prevent the extractor from properly gripping the rim of the cartridge, causing failures to eject spent casings.

Regular maintenance and cleaning can significantly reduce the occurrence of this issue.


The solution to extractor malfunction involves a thorough cleaning of the extractor claw using a good quality gun cleaning solution. If the problem persists, it might be necessary to replace the extractor.

Always ensure to use of quality parts for replacements to prevent further issues. 

Regular inspections of your firearm, especially after heavy use, are also essential for maintaining its optimal functioning.

4. Magazine Release Problems


The cause of magazine release problems in the Charles Daly 1911 could be due to a worn-out or damaged magazine catch spring. 

This small component is pivotal in operating the magazine release button effectively. 

Over time and with regular use, this spring can lose its tension or become damaged, leading to problems releasing the magazine.

Key Point: A damaged or worn-out magazine catch spring is often the root cause.


The solution to this problem is relatively straightforward: replace the worn-out or damaged magazine catch spring. 

It’s always wise to have a professional gunsmith perform this task, but if you’re experienced and confident in handling firearms, you can do it yourself. 

Remember, always ensure the firearm is unloaded before performing any maintenance.

Key Point: A straightforward solution is to replace the worn-out or damaged magazine catch spring. Always ensure the firearm is unloaded before performing any maintenance.

5. Barrel Bushing Wear


The barrel bushing in a Charles Daly 1911 firearm can show signs of wear over time due to various factors, primarily due to regular use and improper maintenance

Excessive friction caused by the constant recoiling during shooting leads to gradual wear of the bushing. Further, using the firearm in harsh conditions can accelerate the wear process.


To mitigate the wear of the barrel bushing, a meticulous maintenance regime should be put in place. Regular cleaning and correct lubrication can greatly reduce wear and tear. 

Using higher quality and correct size bushings also enhances durability. To ensure safety and accuracy, consider replacing overly worn-out bushings. 

A qualified gunsmith can help assess and perform this task to maintain the longevity and performance of your firearm.

6. Grip Safety Issues


One common issue with the Charles Daly 1911 grip safety is that it sometimes fails to disengage, even when the grip is correctly held. 

This problem arises due to the compact size of the grip safety, which may not be adequately depressed by users with larger hands. 

The primary cause of grip safety issues is usually an improper grip or a mechanical malfunction.


The simplest solution to this issue is to ensure the grip is properly held, with the webbing between your thumb and index finger firmly pressed against the grip safety. If the issue persists, consider consulting a gunsmith. Adjustments can be made to the grip safety to make it more user-friendly. In extreme cases, replacing the grip safety with one designed for larger hands may be an effective solution.

7. Slide Stop Malfunction


The slide stop malfunction in Charles Daly 1911 can typically be attributed to either excessive wear and tear, or incorrect installation of the slide stop itself. 

Over time, consistent usage can result in the slide stop becoming worn, leading to faulty operation. 

On the other hand, if the slide stop is not correctly installed, the gun’s performance could be impaired from the get-go.

Key lines: Excessive wear and tear, and incorrect installation of the slide stop can both lead to slide stop malfunction.


Addressing the slide stop malfunction usually involves either replacing the worn-out slide stop or correctly installing the slide stop if it was initially installed incorrectly. 

It is highly recommended to consult a firearm professional for these procedures to ensure safety and functionality.

Key lines: The solution typically lies in replacing or correctly installing the slide stop, ideally with the guidance of a firearm professional.

8. Firing Pin Problems


The most common cause of firing pin problems in the Charles Daly 1911 is due to wear and tear of the pin itself or the firing pin spring. 

Over time, the repeated impact of the pin against the primer can cause the pin to deform or break. 

Similarly, the spring, which is responsible for resetting the pin after each shot can become weak or fail completely, causing misfires.

Remember, regular inspection and maintenance of the firing pin and its spring is the key to preventing such problems.


The best solution to this problem is to replace the faulty firing pin or spring. It’s recommended to use factory replacement parts to ensure the best fit and performance. 

After replacing the parts, ensure they are installed correctly and that the firing pin moves freely within its channel.

Always test your firearm at a safe location after carrying out any repairs to ensure it is functioning correctly and safely.

9. Trigger Misfires


One common reason for trigger misfires in Charles Daly 1911 is the accumulation of dirt and grime in the firing mechanism. 

This can occur over time due to neglect and lack of proper maintenance and cleaning. Regular use of your firearm without appropriate care and cleaning can lead to this situation.


The solution to this problem is relatively straightforward. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your firearm are essential. 

Ensure you clean the firing mechanism thoroughly after each use, particularly if you’ve been shooting in dirty or dusty conditions. It is also beneficial to use quality gun oil to keep all moving parts properly lubricated. 

This will help prevent dirt and grime from accumulating and causing further misfires.

10. Sight Alignment Issues


The sight alignment issues in Charles Daly 1911 are often caused by the loosening of the rear sight. This problem can occur due to excessive recoil or rough handling of the firearm. 

The rear sight may shift to the left or right, resulting in inaccurate shooting. This misalignment can significantly compromise the aim and accuracy of the firearm.


The solution to sight alignment issues begins with a thorough check of the rear sight. If it is loose or shifted, it needs to be realigned or replaced. 

It is recommended to regularly check the alignment of the sights, especially after intensive shooting sessions. If the problem persists, consulting a professional gunsmith is advisable. 

Regular maintenance and professional help can ensure the longevity and accuracy of your Charles Daly 1911.


While Charles Daly 1911 is a renowned firearm, it isn’t immune to problems such as sight alignment issues. These can significantly hamper the accuracy of the gun and affect the user’s performance. 

Therefore, regular checks and maintenance, especially after rigorous shooting sessions, are crucial. 

If the problem persists even after aligning or replacing the rear sight, it is advised to take the firearm to a professional gunsmith. 

By adopting these measures, users can ensure the longevity and reliability of their Charles Daly 1911, maintaining its reputation as a high-quality firearm.


Is Charles Daly a good 1911?

Yes, Charles Daly is renowned for producing reliable and high-quality 1911 firearms.

Is the Charles Daly 1911 forged or cast?

The Charles Daly 1911 is traditionally cast, making it durable and long-lasting.

Where is Charles Daly 1911 made?

Charles Daly 1911 firearms are predominantly made in the Philippines.

Who makes Charles Daly guns?

Charles Daly firearms are produced by the manufacturer Armscor in the Philippines.

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