15 Common Century Arms C308 Problems (With Fixes!)

The Century Arms C308, a popular semi-automatic rifle, is known for its performance and affordability. However, as with any firearm, it can have its fair share of issues. 

This guide aims to address 15 common problems encountered with the Century Arms C308 and provide potential fixes to help you get the best performance from your rifle. 

Whether you’re a seasoned gun enthusiast or a rookie firearms owner, this troubleshooting guide is a valuable resource in your arsenal.

Century Arms C308 Problems

Century Arms C308 Problems

1. Inconsistent Ejection Patterns


The issue of inconsistent ejection patterns in the Century Arms C308 could be attributed to several factors. 

One of the most common causes is an improperly installed or worn-out ejector spring. 

This spring is crucial for maintaining a consistent ejection pattern as it provides the necessary force for the cartridge to be ejected properly. 

Faulty ejector springs often lead to inconsistent, and at times, erratic ejection patterns.


To resolve the inconsistent ejection patterns, the most effective solution is to check and replace the ejector spring if necessary. 

It’s important to ensure that the replacement part is of good quality and compatible with the Century Arms C308 model. 

Regular maintenance and inspection of the firearm will also prevent this issue from reoccurring. Remember, maintaining your firearm in optimum condition ensures its effective and safe operation.

2. Frequent Misfires


The frequent misfires in Century Arms C308 can be linked to faulty ammunition, issues with the firearm’s firing pin, or a dirty chamber

Substandard ammunition may fail to ignite correctly, while a damaged or worn-out firing pin may not strike the primer with enough force. 

Further, an excessively dirty or corroded chamber can impede the bullet’s proper seating, leading to misfires.


To resolve the misfire issue, always ensure to use high-quality ammunition compatible with your C308. 

Regularly inspect the firing pin for any damage or wear and tear and replace it if necessary. Moreover, maintaining a clean and well-lubricated chamber can significantly reduce the chances of misfires. 

It is advisable to clean the firearm after each use to prevent the buildup of residue and corrosion.

3. Difficulty in Loading Magazines


One of the common complaints with the Century Arms C308 rifle is the difficulty in loading magazines. 

This issue is often attributable to a few factors such as improper alignment of the magazine, broken or weak magazine springs, or even faulty magazine release mechanisms.


To rectify the loading problem, start by inspecting the magazine and its alignment with the rifle. If misalignment is the issue, proper repositioning usually resolves the problem. 

For weak or broken springs, replacement with new, robust springs is often the answer. If the problem persists, it might be due to a faulty magazine release mechanism. 

In this case, contacting a professional gunsmith or the manufacturer for appropriate repairs or replacements is recommended.

4. High Recoil Issues


The high recoil issue in the Century Arms C308 is primarily attributed to the rifle’s lightweight design and powerful 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. 

Due to the reduced weight of the firearm, the energy from the discharged cartridge is not adequately absorbed, causing a prominent kickback.

The intense recoil can make the rifle difficult to manage and potentially lead to less accurate shooting.


One comprehensive solution for mitigating the high recoil issue is to install a recoil pad or a muzzle brake. 

A recoil pad, made of rubber or other energy-absorbing material, is affixed to the shoulder end of the rifle to cushion the kickback. 

A muzzle brake, on the other hand, redirects propellant gases to counter recoil and unwanted rising of the barrel when firing.

Both additions can significantly reduce the felt recoil, enhance firearm stability, and improve overall shooting accuracy. The key is to choose a product that best fits your individual needs and comfort.

5. Inaccurate Iron Sights


One of the common issues that Century Arms C308 owners face is the inaccuracy of iron sights. 

This problem can be primarily attributed to poor alignment, incorrect installation or a factory defect. 

These faults significantly affect the sight’s ability to aim precisely, often leading to missed shots or inefficient use of ammunition.


A potential solution to the inaccurate iron sights problem is to realign or adjust the sights according to the rifle’s specific requirements. If the issue persists, replacing the original sights with more reliable aftermarket alternatives can be considered. 

It is also important to check the sights’ installation from time to time or after heavy usage, to ensure their correct position and alignment. Remember, a well-adjusted sight is pivotal to the firearm’s performance.

6. Overheating Problems


Overheating in the Century Arms C308 often results from sustained rapid fire, which generates excessive heat due to friction in the rifle’s components. 

This high heat can cause significant wear and tear on the gun, potentially leading to malfunctions or damage.

Key takeaway: Excessive heat from rapid-fire can cause substantial wear and tear, potentially leading to malfunctions or damage.


To mitigate overheating issues, it’s recommended to limit rapid-fire sessions and allow the rifle to cool down periodically. 

Additionally, the use of heat-resistant accessories, such as handguards, can help manage the heat and protect the shooter’s hand.

Key takeaway: Limiting rapid-fire sessions, permitting cooling intervals, and using heat-resistant accessories can effectively manage overheating issues.

7. Loose Forend


The loose forend in Century Arms C308 can be attributed to prolonged use, improper assembly, or manufacturing defects. 

This can lead to instability when aiming and potentially degrade the rifle’s performance.


To address a loose forend, dismantle the rifle and reassemble it, ensuring all parts are tightly secured. If the problem persists, consider replacing the forend. 

Ensure to acquire high-quality parts from a reputable supplier for the best results. 

Always remember, that proper maintenance and periodic checks can significantly reduce the chances of encountering such issues.

8. Bolt Carrier Sticking


The Bolt Carrier Sticking issue in the Century Arms C308 is often caused by the build-up of dirt and carbon in the bolt carrier group or the chamber. 

Insufficient lubrication or rough spots in the receiver or carrier can also contribute to this problem.


To rectify this, regular and thorough cleaning of the bolt carrier group is highly recommended. Using high-quality gun oil for lubrication can effectively reduce friction. 

If rough spots are identified, a professional gunsmith should be consulted for smoothing. It’s crucial to maintain the firearm properly to prevent such issues.

9. Trigger Pull is Hard


The hard trigger pull in Century Arms C308 may be primarily due to a heavy hammer spring or an unpolished sear engagement surface. 

This often results in an increased force requirement to disengage the sear and release the hammer, making the trigger pull feel hard.

Key takeaway: A heavy hammer spring or an unpolished sear engagement can make the trigger pull hard.


The solution to a hard trigger pull involves either replacing the heavy hammer spring with a lighter one or polishing the sear engagement surface. 

This will reduce the force necessary to pull the trigger, improving the overall responsiveness of the firearm. 

It is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

Key takeaway: Replacing the hammer spring or polishing the sear engagement can remedy a hard trigger pull.

10. Unexpected Magazine Release


The cause of unexpected magazine release in the Century Arms C308 is often linked to the locking mechanism of the magazine. 

Over time, this mechanism can experience wear and tear, or become compromised due to accumulated dirt or debris. 

In some cases, the magazine catch may have been improperly installed or manufactured, causing it to fail.


To rectify this issue, first, inspect and clean the magazine and its catch to remove any dirt or debris. If this does not work, the magazine or catch may need to be replaced. 

It is advisable to procure original manufacturer parts to ensure compatibility and longevity. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent such issues from occurring in the future.

11. Complicated Disassembly Process


The Century Arms C308 is notorious for its complicated disassembly process, largely due to its intricate construction and unique design. 

Users often find the disassembly to be a daunting task, especially those unfamiliar with the specific mechanics of the rifle. 

The main cause of this difficulty lies in the unfamiliarity of the design and the lack of clear instructions provided.


To mitigate this issue, it is recommended that users familiarize themselves with the C308 through comprehensive tutorials or guides. 

Detailed step-by-step manuals or videos could greatly simplify the disassembly process. Considering a professional’s help for the first few times might also be beneficial. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer should consider providing clearer, more detailed instructions to guide users through the disassembly procedure.

12. Rough Feed Ramp


The cause of a rough feed ramp is often related to prolonged use and inadequate maintenance. Over time, the repeated friction of rounds being chambered can wear down the smooth finish, resulting in a rough feed ramp. 

This issue can lead to unreliable feeding and potential jams, affecting the overall performance of the Century Arms C308. 

Prolonged use, combined with poor maintenance, can exacerbate the roughness of the feed ramp and lead to further complications.


The solution to a rough feed ramp involves careful polishing to restore smoothness and allow for reliable feeding. 

This can be performed using a Dremel tool with a felt tip and polishing compound. However, it is crucial to avoid over-polishing as this can alter the ramp’s angle and disrupt the feeding process. 

Regular maintenance and occasional professional servicing can prevent the feed ramp from becoming excessively rough, ensuring optimal performance for your Century Arms C308.

13. Frequent Jamming


The primary cause for frequent jamming in the Century Arms C308 rifle often lies in the use of improper ammunition or a dirty rifle chamber. 

Using subpar or unsuited ammunition can significantly increase the chances of jamming. 

Similarly, a chamber that has not been properly maintained or cleaned can cause the rounds to lodge incorrectly, leading to jamming issues.


To rectify the frequent jamming issue, it is important to first ensure that high-quality, suitable ammunition is being used for the Century Arms C308. 

Consistent cleaning and maintenance of the rifle chamber is also crucial. 

Regular inspection of the chamber for any residue or lodged rounds can prevent any potential jamming before it happens. Proper lubrication of the rifle parts can further reduce the possibility of a jam.

14. Poor Quality Control


The primary cause of quality control issues in Century Arms C308 is the inconsistent manufacturing process. 

It appears that there is a lack of stringent checks and balances to ensure that every unit produced meets the desired standards. 

This leads to noticeable variations in the quality of guns, with some units exhibiting issues such as faulty sights or jamming. 

Key problems consistently reported by users include misalignment of parts, improper assembly, and inconsistency in the finishing.


To alleviate these issues, Century Arms should invest in a robust quality assurance system. 

This would involve standardized production processes, routine inspections, and regular testing of the products to ensure they meet the necessary standards. 

A dedicated team should be in place to identify and rectify defects before the units leave the factory. 

Proper staff training, investment in state-of-the-art machinery, and an uncompromising stance on quality will significantly improve the consistency and reliability of the C308.

15. Limited Mounting Options


The Century Arms C308 rifle, while being highly praised for its performance and reliability, is often criticized for having limited mounting options

This is primarily due to its design, which does not provide a standard rail system compatible with many popular accessories. 

The lack of versatility makes customizing the rifle challenging for users who want to tailor their firearms to specific use-cases or preferences.


To overcome this challenge, one potential solution is to install a third-party rail system. Numerous reputable manufacturers produce rail systems specifically designed for the C308 platform, which can be easily installed with minimal modifications to the rifle. 

By adding this aftermarket component, users can greatly increase the compatibility of their C308 with a wide variety of accessories, enabling further customization and potentially enhancing the rifle’s functionality.


While the Century Arms C308 certainly has its share of problems, it’s important to remember that these issues are not universal and can often be resolved with proper maintenance and handling. 

Some users have reported issues with feeding and extraction, but these are typically minor and can be fixed with a thorough cleaning or minor adjustment. 

The rifle’s durability and performance, coupled with its relatively affordable price, make it a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts. 

Still, potential buyers should be aware of these potential issues and consider them when deciding whether or not this rifle suits their needs.


Is the C308 any good?

Yes, the C308 is recognized for its durability and accuracy, making it a good choice for various shooting activities.

What is the C308 a clone of?

The C308 is a clone of the renowned Heckler & Koch G3 rifle.

What is the overall length of a C308?

The overall length of a C308 rifle is approximately 40.2 inches.

Who makes C308?

The C308 rifle is manufactured by Century Arms.

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