12 Common Mossberg 590s Problems (With Fixes!)

In the world of firearms, few brands hold the reputation and respect attributed to Mossberg, particularly the Mossberg 590s.

However, like all mechanical equipment, the Mossberg 590s aren’t immune to problems.

This article sheds light on common Mossberg 590s problems. It aims to equip gun enthusiasts with crucial knowledge about potential issues they might experience with this model and the possible remedies to mitigate them.

Mossberg 590s Problems

Mossberg 590s Problems

The Mossberg 590 series is a reliable and well-respected shotgun line but it’s not without its potential problems.

Some users report issues with extraction reliability, typically due to weak extractor springs or worn-out extractors.

Others have pointed out that the action can occasionally feel rough, especially in new guns, and may require break-in time or lubrication. Despite these issues, many users stand by the 590’s durability and performance.

1. Difficulty in Loading Shells


The main cause of difficulty in loading shells into a Mossberg 590s usually stems from a misaligned cartridge stop and cartridge interrupter. 

These crucial components, when not in the correct position, can obstruct the smooth loading and cycling of shells.


The solution lies in disassembling the shotgun and carefully realigning the cartridge stop and interrupter. 

It’s recommended to thoroughly clean the firearm during this process

If you’re not confident with this, it’s best to seek the help of a professional gunsmith. 

Regular maintenance can prevent such issues from occurring.

2. Inconsistent Ejection of Shells


The inconsistent ejection of shells in Mossberg 590s usually stems from a faulty or dirty extractor. 

The extractor, which pulls the spent shell from the chamber, may not function correctly if it’s worn out or covered in grime. 

This can result in shells not being properly ejected, leading to inconsistent performance.

A faulty extractor is a common cause of inconsistent ejection. 

Debris accumulation can also hinder the extractor’s performance. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent such issues.


The solution typically involves cleaning the extractor thoroughly or replacing it if it’s worn out. 

Regular maintenance, including cleaning after every use, can prevent the build-up of debris and ensure smooth operation. 

In the case of a worn-out extractor, purchasing a quality replacement and installing it correctly will generally solve the issue.

Regular cleaning is the first step to solving inconsistent ejection issues. 

If the problem persists, replacing the extractor might be necessary. 

Always opt for a quality replacement, as this can improve overall shotgun performance.

3. Tough Safety Button Mechanism


One downside to the Mossberg 590s is the tough safety button mechanism

It has been reported by several users that this mechanism can be stiff to operate, especially in urgent situations. 

This could be due to materials used in construction or a manufacturing issue resulting in a safety button that is difficult to engage or disengage.


The solution to this problem involves light maintenance or replacement. 

Frequent cleaning and proper lubrication of the safety button can help to ease the stiffness. 

However, if this doesn’t work, replacing the safety button with an aftermarket one that is easier to operate could be a viable solution. 

It’s always recommended to consult a professional gunsmith for such modifications to ensure safety and proper installation.

4. Issues with Trigger Reset


The trigger reset problem in Mossberg 590s is often caused by a malfunctioning sear spring. 

The sear spring may be damaged or misaligned, preventing the trigger from properly resetting after each shot. 

This can lead to inconsistent firing and potentially dangerous malfunctions. 

Remember, a malfunctioning sear spring can seriously affect the reliability of your firearm.


The best solution to this problem is to replace the faulty sear spring with a new one. 

It’s a relatively straightforward process that requires disassembling the trigger assembly, removing the damaged spring, and installing the new one. 

However, if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, it’s recommended to take your Mossberg 590s to a professional gunsmith. 

Always prioritize safety when dealing with firearm repairs, and don’t hesitate to consult a professional if you’re unsure.

5. Loose Forend Assembly


The loose forend assembly in Mossberg 590s can primarily be attributed to the prolonged use of the firearm, causing wear and tear, or improper assembly/disassembly procedures.

 More specifically, repeated recoiling can cause the forend’s components to loosen over time, affecting the firearm’s overall performance and safety.

Prolonged use, improper assembly, and frequent recoiling are common culprits behind a loose forend assembly.


The solution to a loose forend assembly typically involves tightening the associated components or replacing them if they are excessively worn out. 

It’s recommended to consult with a certified gunsmith to ensure the issue is properly addressed and the firearm is safe to use.

Consultation with a certified gunsmith, proper tightening, or replacement of worn-out components are effective solutions for a loose forend assembly.

6. Unreliable Magazine Spring


The magazine spring in a Mossberg 590 can become unreliable due to wear and tear over time or improper maintenance. 

This is a common issue, especially for firearms that are heavily used. 

The spring’s tension may weaken, leading to inconsistent feeding of shells. This can result in a failure to fire, which could be detrimental in a critical situation.


The most effective solution to an unreliable magazine spring is its replacement. 

Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent this issue, but once the spring has lost its tension, it should be replaced. 

It is recommended to use only high-quality replacement parts, preferably authentic Mossberg components. 

This ensures that the firearm’s performance and reliability are not compromised.

7. Problems with Extractor Breakage


The Mossberg 590 shotgun is renowned for its durability and reliability, but it is not immune to extractor breakage. 

This issue can be primarily attributed to the prolonged usage of high-pressure rounds, which can put undue stress on the extractor. 

Over time, this stress can lead to metal fatigue, which eventually causes the extractor to break.


The most straightforward solution to extractor breakage is to replace the damaged extractor with a new one. 

It’s recommended to use factory-made Mossberg parts to ensure the best compatibility and performance. 

Regular maintenance and using lower-pressure rounds can greatly reduce the chances of extractor breakage in the future. 

It’s worth noting that the extractor is a low-cost replaceable component, and keeping a spare at hand can save you from unexpected troubles during a shooting session.

8. Misaligned Bead Sight


The most common cause for a misaligned bead sight is improper installation or accidental damage. 

It could also be due to factory defects or regular wear and tear over time, which can lead to the sight becoming loose or misaligned. 

Misalignment can significantly affect the accuracy of your shots, making it crucial to address this issue promptly.


The solution for a misaligned bead sight is usually straightforward. Start by inspecting the sight to confirm the misalignment. 

Next, you may need to loosen it, realign it, and then tighten it back. In cases where damage is evident, replacement of the bead sight might be necessary

It is always recommended to consult with a professional gunsmith to ensure accurate alignment or replacement. 

Remember, precise alignment of the bead sight is essential for successful shooting.

9. Difficulty in Disassembling for Cleaning


The main cause of difficulty in disassembling the Mossberg 590s for cleaning can often be traced back to its intricate design. 

The design, although robust and reliable in operation, contains several small, interconnected parts that may be challenging to disassemble without proper knowledge or tools. 

It is crucial to understand that mishandling during disassembly can lead to damage or loss of these small components.


The solution to this challenge lies in gaining familiarity with the firearm’s assembly and disassembly process. 

Owners should thoroughly read the Mossberg 590s manual and possibly watch instructional videos for practical guidance. 

Using appropriate tools can also ease the disassembly process, ensuring a thorough cleaning without causing any damage. 

Timely professional assistance is also recommended for those less confident in their skills or knowledge.

10. Excessive Recoil


The Mossberg 590s’ excessive recoil can often be traced back to its lightweight design. 

While this makes the shotgun easy to handle and maneuver, it also means there’s less mass to absorb the kick generated when a shot is fired. 

This, combined with the potent force of a 12-gauge shell, can lead to a significant recoil.

Recoil is a byproduct of Newton’s third law: for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. 

The explosive force that propels the shot out of the barrel also pushes the shotgun back toward the shooter.


Fortunately, there are several ways to mitigate the recoil of the Mossberg 590s. 

One popular solution is to add a recoil pad to the butt of the shotgun. 

This not only provides additional mass to help absorb the recoil, but it also cushions the shoulder against the force of the kick.

Recoil pads come in various materials and designs, each with its own pros and cons. 

A well-fitted, high-quality recoil pad can significantly reduce the perceived recoil and make shooting the Mossberg 590s a more enjoyable experience.

11. Barrel Rust Issues


The primary cause of barrel rust issues in Mossberg’s 590s is exposure to moisture. 

Oftentimes, this moisture comes from the environment, especially if the gun is used or stored in humid or wet conditions. 

However, even the sweat from your hands can contribute to this problem. The moisture reacts with the iron in the gun barrel, forming iron oxide or rust.


To prevent and treat barrel rust, it’s crucial to regularly clean and oil your gun. 

After each use, thoroughly clean the barrel to remove any moisture or residue. 

Then, apply a thin layer of gun oil, which will form a protective barrier against moisture. If rust has already formed, use a gentle scrubbing tool and gun cleaning solvent to remove it. 

Remember: Consistent cleaning, oiling, and proper storage of your Mossberg 590 can help ward off barrel rust. 

If rusting is severe or continues after self-treatment, seek professional help from a gunsmith.

12. Inadequate Firing Pin Strike


The issue of inadequate firing pin strike in Mossberg 590s is often the result of mechanical wear or residue build-up within the firing pin channel. 

Over time, and with extensive use, parts can wear out or become less effective, impeding the firing pin’s mobility and thus causing insufficient impact.

Regular maintenance and cleaning can significantly reduce such occurrences, ensuring the longevity of the weapon and its components.


The solution to this problem primarily lies in regular maintenance and cleaning, particularly focusing on the firing pin and its channel. 

By dismantling the bolt assembly and cleaning the firing pin, you can remove any accumulated residue or obstructions. 

If wear is found to be the cause, replacement of the firing pin or even the entire bolt assembly may be necessary.

Always remember to consult a firearms professional if you’re unsure during any part of this process to ensure the safe and effective operation of your Mossberg 590s.


While the Mossberg 590s holds a reputation as a reliable and durable shotgun, like any mechanical device, it’s not without its potential issues. 

Users have reported occasional problems, predominantly relating to extraction issues or feeding hiccups. 

It’s important to note, however, that many of these problems can be minimized or even eliminated with proper maintenance, care, and understanding of the firearm. 

Its overall performance, rugged build quality, and adaptability for various applications still make the 590s a preferred choice among firearm enthusiasts.


Is the Mossberg 590S worth it?

Yes, the Mossberg 590S is worth it given its durable build, adaptability, and excellent performance, even despite potential occasional hiccups.

Is the 590S reliable?

The 590S is reliable, with its reputation largely hinging on its robust quality and consistent performance.

How reliable is a Mossberg 590?

The Mossberg 590 is highly reliable, and known for its ruggedness and longevity in a variety of conditions, as long as it’s maintained properly.

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