15 Common Mossberg mc2c Problems (With Fixes!)

Hi dear friends welcome to our blog. If you are using Mossberg mc2c. 

If you are facing a problem using it Don’t worry in this guide we explain 15 common problems of this model with unique solutions.

Mossberg mc2c Problems

Mossberg mc2c Problems

The Mossberg MC2c is generally a reliable firearm, but some users have reported occasional issues.

A common problem is that the slide can be stiff and hard to manipulate, especially for new shooters. Some people have also mentioned a heavier-than-expected trigger pull.

Lastly, occasional feeding issues with certain types of ammunition have been reported, although this seems to vary from gun to gun.

1. Failure to Feed


The “Failure to Feed” issue can arise due to several reasons. The most common cause is the use of incorrect or low-quality ammunition. 

A dirty or improperly lubricated firearm can also lead to feeding failures. Additionally, a damaged magazine or weakened magazine springs can result in this problem.

Remember, a well-maintained firearm is less likely to encounter feeding problems. It’s essential to use quality ammunition and keep your firearm clean and lubricated.


To resolve the “Failure to Feed” issue, start by checking the ammunition. Make sure you’re using the correct and quality ammunition for your Mossberg mc2c. 

If the issue persists, clean and lubricate the firearm thoroughly. Pay close attention to the feed ramp and magazine. 

If you notice any damage to the magazine or if the springs seem weakened, consider replacing them.

Always ensure your firearm is properly cleaned and lubricated. Regularly inspect your magazine and its springs for any signs of wear or damage.

2. Failure to Feed


One of the potential causes of the failure to feed in Mossberg mc2c might be related to the magazine. 

Often, misalignment or dirt accumulation within the magazine can prevent the rounds from being properly fed into the chamber. 

In some cases, it could also be due to the usage of incorrect or low-quality ammunition that does not match the firearm’s specifications.


To combat this issue, ensure regular and thorough cleaning of your magazine to clear any dirt or residue that might be hindering the feeding mechanism. 

Make sure to align it properly with the firearm. Besides, always use high-quality ammunition that matches your firearm’s specifications. 

If the issue persists, it may be advisable to seek professional assistance or consider replacing the magazine.

3. Misfires


Misfires in the Mossberg MC2c can occur due to various reasons. One major cause can be the usage of low-quality ammunition, which could result in inconsistent firing. 

Also, dirty or fouled barrel may also contribute to misfires, as it can obstruct the smooth travel of the bullet. 

Lastly, a defective firing pin or weak spring could fail to strike the primer with enough force, leading to misfires.


To mitigate the issue of misfires, the first step would be to use high-quality, reliable ammunition. This ensures a consistent and dependable performance. 

Secondly, regular cleaning and maintenance of the firearm, especially the barrel, is crucial to prevent fouling and buildup that may hinder the bullet’s passage. 

Finally, if the problem persists, you should consider getting the firing pin or spring checked by a professional, as these parts may need replacement or repair.

4. Stovepiping


Stovepiping is often caused by insufficient recoil. This happens when the slide does not move backward quickly or forcefully enough to eject the spent casing properly. 

This insufficient recoil could be due to a weak recoil spring, a dirty gun, or the shooter’s limp writing.


To rectify the stovepiping issue, the first step is to properly clean and lubricate your Mossberg MC2C. If the problem persists, you might need to replace the recoil spring with a stronger one. 

However, it’s also crucial to ensure proper shooting technique, as limp-writing (not holding the firearm firmly enough) can also contribute to stovepiping. 

Proper grip and stance are key to preventing this issue.

5. Difficult Disassembly


The primary reason for the difficult disassembly of the Mossberg MC2c stems from its intricate design. 

The slide stop lever, in particular, can be challenging to remove and reinstall during disassembly, leading to complications. 

One of the main challenges is the tight tolerances in the construction, which can make it difficult for those without experience or the right tools.


To overcome this, it is highly recommended to thoroughly familiarize oneself with the user manual before attempting disassembly. 

The use of appropriate tools, such as a punch designed for gunsmithing, can also ease this process. 

Moreover, it may be helpful to seek guidance from professional gunsmiths or experienced peers the first few times. 

Over time, with practice and patience, the disassembly process becomes more manageable.

6. Mag Release Issues


The most common cause of mag release issues in Mossberg MC2c is often related to the mag release button. 

Sometimes, the button is too stiff, making it hard to press and release the magazine. Also, wear and tear or improper maintenance can lead to this problem.

Remember: Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to avoid such issues.


The solution to mag release issues is usually straightforward. First, try cleaning the magazine release area with a good quality gun cleaning solution. 

If the stiffness persists, consider replacing the mag release button. For this, you may need professional help, especially if you are not familiar with firearm assembly.

Important: Always ensure your firearm is unloaded before attempting any cleaning or maintenance. Seek professional help if necessary.

7. Excessive Recoil


The cause of excessive recoil in the Mossberg MC2c may be attributed to a combination of factors such as the lightweight design of the firearm, a high bore axis, and the type of ammunition used. 

The lightweight nature of the gun, while making it a good choice for concealed carry, can also increase perceived recoil. 

Furthermore, the high bore axis can cause a greater muzzle flip, and using powerful or +P ammunition can also add to the kick.

Remember, the lightweight design, high bore axis, and ammunition type are key factors affecting recoil.


To mitigate the excessive recoil, consider using lower-power ammunition. If this is not an option, using a grip sleeve can be beneficial as it can help absorb some of the recoil and make the gun more manageable. 

More, training to improve your shooting stance and grip can significantly help in managing the recoil.

Lower-power ammunition, usage of a grip sleeve, and improved shooting stance can significantly reduce excessive recoil.

8. Trigger Malfunctions


Trigger malfunctions in the Mossberg MC2c can often be attributed to excessive dirt, grime, or lubricant within the trigger assembly. 

This excess can interfere with the proper operation of the trigger’s internal components, leading to inconsistent performance or complete failure.

It’s crucial to remember that a dirty or overly lubricated trigger can potentially lead to malfunctions. Regular inspection and cleaning can prevent these issues.


The solution for trigger malfunctions is usually a thorough cleaning of the trigger assembly. This includes removing any excess lubricant, dirt, or grime that may be present. 

The use of a good quality gun cleaner can help in this regard, and a light application of lubricant after cleaning can prevent future accumulation of unwanted particles.

Consistent cleaning and proper lubrication of the trigger assembly are critical in maintaining the optimal performance of your Mossberg MC2c. 

Be cautious not to over-lubricate, as this can attract more dirt and grime.

9. Short Stroke


The “Short Stroke” issue in Mossberg MC2c pistols usually stems from insufficient force to fully cycle the slide. 

This can be caused by a weak or fatiguing recoil spring, low-powered ammunition, or improper grip (limp writing), which absorbs some of the recoil energy that should be used to cycle the slide. 

It’s essential to identify the exact cause of a short stroke issue to properly address it.


To rectify a “Short Stroke” issue, first, try using a variety of ammunition brands and bullet weights to see if the problem persists. 

If it does, inspect the recoil spring and replace it if you detect any signs of wear or fatigue. 

Lastly, ensure that you have a proper and firm grip when shooting, as limp writing can also cause short stroking. 

Remember, a well-maintained firearm and a correct grip can often resolve most short-stroke issues.

10. Inaccurate Sights


One of the common issues with the Mossberg MC2c sights can be their inaccuracy. 

This could be a result of various factors, including incorrect alignment, wear and tear, or improper calibration. 

An inaccurate sight can drastically affect the firearm’s accuracy and could compromise a user’s safety.

Incorrect alignment can result in off-target shots. Wear and tear may cause the sights to become loose and misaligned, and improper calibration might result in inconsistent aim points.


The solution to this issue is multi-pronged. Initially, check the sight alignment and calibration. If the sights are misaligned, realigning them carefully often solves the problem. 

In cases where wear and tear is evident, consider replacing the sights with new ones. 

For instances of improper calibration, a professional gunsmith’s assistance might be needed for recalibration.

Regular maintenance, use of high-quality sight replacements, and professional calibration can significantly improve sight accuracy.

11. Grip Ergonomic Issues


The grip ergonomic issues of the Mossberg MC2C are primarily due to the design and contouring of the grip itself. 

The dimensions may not be an ideal fit for users with larger hands, leading to discomfort and difficulty in achieving a secure hold. 

This can potentially compromise accuracy and control during the operation of the firearm.

The main cause lies in the grip’s design and contouring. The dimensions might not comfortably accommodate larger hands. This issue could affect accuracy and control.


To address the grip ergonomic issues, users may consider custom grip modifications or use aftermarket grips designed for improved comfort and fit. 

Additionally, practicing with the firearm to get accustomed to the grip can also result in better handling over time.

The solution can be found in custom grip modifications or aftermarket grips. With these, comfort and fit can be considerably improved. Regular practice with the firearm can also enhance handling.

12. Difficulty in Chambering


The most common reasons for difficulty in chambering in Mossberg MC2c often include improper handling, poor ammunition quality, or a dirty or maladjusted firearm. 

Improper Handling can mean not fully pulling back the slide or not allowing it to move forward freely. 

Poor Ammunition Quality might not have the correct shape or size to feed properly. 

Lastly, a Dirty or Maladjusted Firearm may have grime that obstructs the bullet’s path, or certain parts may be out of alignment.


Overcoming chambering problems primarily requires proper handling, maintenance, and use of quality ammunition. 

Proper Handling involves ensuring the slide is fully pulled back and released without interference. 

Using Quality Ammunition that fits the gun’s specifications ensures smooth feeding. Regular cleaning and Maintenance can help keep the firearm in optimal condition, preventing the build-up of grime that could obstruct the bullet’s path. 

If problems persist, it is advisable to have the firearm Inspected by a certified gunsmith.

13. Slide Lock Failures


One common issue with the Mossberg MC2c is Slide Lock Failures

This typically occurs when the slide lock spring is weak or damaged, which hampers the locking mechanism’s ability to hold the slide in place. 

Further, excessive use, dirt, or grime can exacerbate this issue, causing the slide to fail to lock back after the last round is fired.


The effective resolution for Slide Lock Failures involves a careful and thorough cleaning of the slide lock area to remove any dirt or grime that may interfere with its operation. 

If this does not rectify the issue, consider replacing the slide lock spring. Always ensure to use genuine parts from a reputable supplier for replacements to maintain the optimal performance and longevity of your firearm. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning can significantly reduce the likelihood of slide lock failures.

14. Inconsistent Shot Placement


The cause of inconsistent shot placement could be due to a multitude of factors. One such factor could be the alignment of the sights; if they are off even slightly, this could result in shots not landing where intended. 

Another common cause could be the shooter’s stance or grip; an unsteady hold on the firearm can cause shots to stray off target. 

Lastly, the quality of the ammunition being used can also affect shot consistency.


To resolve inconsistent shot placement, start by checking the alignment of the sights

If any adjustment is necessary, consider getting it professionally done to ensure accuracy. Secondly, practice your stance and grip

Consider taking a firearms training course to learn proper techniques and improve steadiness. Finally, invest in high-quality ammunition

Cheaper rounds might lead to inconsistent burn rates, which can affect shot placement.

15. Difficulty in Cleaning


The Mossberg MC2c is notorious for its intricate design which can make cleaning a challenging task. 

Due to the tight spaces and small parts, it can become difficult to thoroughly clean without specialized tools. 

Often, dirt, grime, and residue build up in these inaccessible areas, potentially affecting the firearm’s performance.

Remember, a poorly maintained firearm can lead to significant operational issues and reduce the lifespan of the weapon.


The solution lies in regular and meticulous maintenance using appropriate tools and cleaning agents. 

Investing in a quality firearm cleaning kit that includes brushes, picks, and swabs can help reach those tight spaces. 

Besides, consider using a cleaning solvent specifically designed for firearms to easily dissolve residue.

Regular cleaning not only improves the functionality but also extends the lifespan of your Mossberg MC2c. Never underestimate the importance of proper and consistent firearm maintenance.


The Mossberg MC2c, while a formidable firearm in most respects, does exhibit some areas that could use improvement. 

Users have reported issues with the trigger reset, slide release, and sometimes inconsistent performance with specific ammunition types. Moreover, some users find the grip slightly uncomfortable during extended use. 

Despite these challenges, the MC2c remains a solid choice for concealed carry due to its compact size, accuracy, and reliability. 

It is thus recommendable for anyone seeking a resilient firearm for self-defense, with the understanding that it may require some adjustments and experimentation with different ammunition to achieve optimal performance.


Is the MC2sc accurate?

Yes, the MC2sc is renowned for its accuracy, making it a reliable choice for self-defense situations.

Where is the Mossberg MC2c made?

The Mossberg MC2c is manufactured in the United States, specifically in North Haven, Connecticut.

Is Mossberg MC2c good for concealed carry?

Absolutely, the compact size and reliability of the Mossberg MC2c make it an excellent choice for concealed carry.

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