15 Common Rossi RS22 Problems

The Rossi RS22 is a popular firearm renowned for its affordability and accuracy. However, like any other firearm, it is not without its issues.

In this document, we aim to delve into the common Rossi RS22 problems that users often encounter.

By acknowledging and understanding these Rossi RS22 problems, owners can better troubleshoot issues and ensure safe and efficient use of this firearm.

Rossi RS22 Problems

Rossi RS22 Problems

1. Inconsistent Trigger Pull


One of the common issues with the Rossi RS22 is an inconsistent trigger pull. 

The inconsistency can be due to various factors such as wear and tear, misalignment, or poor maintenance. 

This can result in a jerky or uneven trigger pull, which may affect the shooter’s accuracy and overall firearm performance.


To address an inconsistent trigger pull, users may need to conduct a regular and thorough cleaning of the firearm, paying particular attention to the trigger assembly. 

If the problem persists, consider consulting a gunsmith or sending the firearm for professional servicing. 

They can inspect the internal parts for any signs of wear or damage and provide necessary repairs or replacements, ensuring smoother and more consistent trigger operations.

2. Difficulty in Loading Magazines


One common issue faced by Rossi RS22 users is difficulty in loading magazines. 

This problem often arises due to a stiff spring within the magazine. When the spring is too tight, it can become challenging to manually push bullets into it.


A practical solution to this problem is to use a magazine loader, which takes the strain off your fingers and simplifies the loading process. 

Over time, the spring in the magazine may also loosen up with regular use, making it easier to load. 

In the event that the issue persists, consider reaching out to Rossi’s customer service or a professional gunsmith for assistance.

3. Faulty Ejector


A common problem with the Rossi RS22 is a faulty ejector. This issue typically arises due to excessive use, improper maintenance, or manufacturing defects. 

The ejector’s key role is to remove spent casings from the firearm. However, when it becomes faulty, it may fail to perform this task efficiently, leading to jamming issues or a slow firing rate.


To resolve a faulty ejector on the Rossi RS22, first, ensure the firearm is unloaded and safe to handle. Then, disassemble the rifle, paying special attention to the bolt and ejector mechanism. 

If the ejector is worn out or damaged, it’s advisable to replace it with a new one. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance can prevent this problem in the future. 

If the issue persists, it may be best to consult with a professional gunsmith.

4. Misfeed Issues


Misfeed issues with the Rossi RS22 often stem from a combination of factors such as improper handling, use of low-quality ammunition, or a dirty firearm. 

A misfeed typically occurs when the round fails to fully seat in the chamber. This could be due to a worn-out magazine spring, damaged feed ramp, or the ammunition being out of specification.


Addressing misfeed issues with the Rossi RS22 involves a systematic diagnosis and resolution process. 

Start by ensuring you are using high-quality, manufacturer-recommended ammunition. Inspect and clean your firearm regularly, paying particular attention to the feed ramp. 

If the problem persists, consider replacing the magazine or having a professional gunsmith examine the firearm. 

Remember, regular maintenance is key to avoiding misfeeding issues and ensuring the longevity of your firearm.

5. Unreliable Safety Mechanism


The Rossi RS22 often faces criticism due to its unreliable safety mechanism. 

Users have reported incidents where the safety fails to engage properly, posing a potential risk to the operator. 

This issue frequently arises from a design flaw in the safety switch’s alignment with the internal firing components.


The solution to this issue involves a minor adjustment to the safety mechanism. 

It’s recommended to take your Rossi RS22 to a professional gunsmith who can realign the safety switch with the firing components. 

Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance of the firearm can prevent the buildup of debris that might interfere with the safety operation. 

Remember, it’s essential to always handle firearms with care and respect, regardless of the reliability of the safety mechanism.

6. Inaccurate Iron Sights

Reason for Inaccuracy

Iron sights on the Rossi RS22 can sometimes be inaccurate due to manufacturing inconsistencies or prolonged use. 

These sights are designed for close range, and slight deviations can result in significant off-target shots at longer ranges.

Solution to Inaccuracy

To improve the accuracy, users could consider adjusting or re-aligning the iron sights, as per the firearm’s instruction manual. 

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, upgrading to a more reliable aftermarket sight or attaching an optical scope can be a possible solution. 

Always ensure to follow safety guidelines when modifying firearms.

7. Limited Aftermarket Support


The Rossi RS22 often faces criticism for its limited aftermarket support. 

This is primarily because Rossi, as a brand, isn’t as widely recognized or as popular as other firearms manufacturers. 

The result is a lack of third-party accessories and parts available in the market, restricting the options for customization.


To navigate this hurdle, Rossi RS22 owners could approach custom firearm workshops, where personalized modifications can be made to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the firearm. While this may come at a higher cost, it’s a viable solution to overcome the limitations of aftermarket support.

8. Barrel Heating Issues


The Rossi RS22 is a semi-automatic rifle that can generate heat from rapid firing. 

This excess heat can accumulate in the barrel, resulting in its overheating. 

Frequent and prolonged use without proper cooling intervals is a primary contributor to this issue.


To mitigate barrel heating issues with the Rossi RS22, allow the firearm to rest and cool down after extended periods of rapid firing. 

Additionally, consider investing in a quality heat shield. 

This accessory can help disperse the heat more evenly, preventing the barrel from overheating and extending the lifespan of the rifle.

9. Insufficient Instruction Manual


The Rossi RS22 rifle is accompanied by an instruction manual that, while present, is insufficient in detail and clarity. 

Some users have found it difficult to assemble and operate the rifle safely and effectively due solely to the lack of comprehensive guidance in the manual.


A potential solution to this problem would be for Rossi to revise and expand their instruction manual to include more detailed instructions and clear, easy-to-follow diagrams. 

They could also consider making video tutorials available online, which would provide a visual guide that could be extremely helpful to many users.

10. Erratic Bolt Action


Erratic bolt action in the Rossi RS22 can be attributed to a number of factors. 

The most common cause is often linked to improper maintenance. 

Over time, dirt and residue from rounds can accumulate inside the bolt action mechanism, leading to inconsistent performance. 

This build-up can create friction in the bolt’s movement, causing it to stick or operate erratically.


Regular and thorough maintenance can mitigate this issue. 

Make sure to clean the bolt action mechanism after every use to prevent the build-up of dirt and residue. 

Using a quality gun cleaning solution along with a brush or cloth can effectively remove any dirt or residue. 

Lightly oiling the bolt action mechanism after cleaning can also assist in smoother operation. Remember, though, excess oil can attract more dirt, so use it sparingly.

11. Uncomfortable Stock Design


The discomfort in the Rossi RS22’s stock design is often attributed to the lack of ergonomics. 

The standard hard plastic stock might be too rigid for some users, causing strain during prolonged use. 

Additionally, the design may not cater to all body types, causing discomfort and affecting the overall shooting experience.


One possible solution would be to invest in an aftermarket stock that offers better ergonomics and a more comfortable grip. 

Many manufacturers produce padded or adjustable stocks that can be tailored to the individual user’s needs. 

Updating the stock not only improves comfort but can also enhance control and accuracy, making for a more enjoyable shooting experience.

12. Inadequate Dust Cover


The Rossi RS22 is known for its inadequate dust cover that exposes the firearm to a considerable amount of dust and debris. 

This issue primarily stems from the design of the dust cover, which fails to provide a tight seal. 

As a result, the performance and longevity of the firearm may be compromised, as regular exposure to dust and foreign particles can lead to mechanical issues.


A practical solution to this problem involves the usage of an aftermarket dust cover, specifically designed for the Rossi RS22. 

These covers offer a snug fit, effectively keeping dust and debris out. Moreover, regular maintenance and cleaning of the firearm can significantly reduce the risk of dust-related issues. 

In severe cases, professional repair or replacement might be necessary to ensure the optimal performance of the Rossi RS22.

13. Limited Magazine Capacity


The Rossi RS22 comes with a limited magazine capacity, which is commonly seen as a shortcoming among users. 

This limitation can disrupt continuous shooting experiences, as the user will need to frequently reload the weapon.

For some, this frequent interruption can affect the shooting rhythm, especially during target practice or hunting scenarios.


To overcome this issue, shooters may consider carrying extra pre-loaded magazines for swift replacement during shooting sessions. 

Additionally, aftermarket high-capacity magazines, if compatible and legal within your jurisdiction, could also be a solution to increase the firearm’s capacity and enhance your shooting experience. 

It’s important to check local laws before purchasing any firearm or accessory.

14. Frequent Jamming Issues


The most common cause of jamming issues in the Rossi RS22 is related to the quality and type of ammunition used. 

In many cases, low-cost, low-quality ammunition tends to have inconsistent powder loads, which can result in the gun failing to cycle properly.


To resolve this issue, it is recommended to use only high-quality ammunition from reputable manufacturers. 

Cleaning the firearm regularly and ensuring proper lubrication can also significantly reduce the incidence of jamming. 

Additionally, if the problem persists, it may be worth consulting with a professional gunsmith or contacting Rossi’s customer service for further assistance.


While the Rossi RS22 is an affordable, lightweight, and overall solid semi-automatic rifle, it’s not without its issues. 

Users have reported occasional feeding problems and misfires, which can be frustrating for frequent shooters. Additionally, the lack of aftermarket support can limit customization options. 

Despite these problems, many owners find the Rossi RS22 to be a good value for the money, particularly for plinking or varmint hunting. 

As with any firearm, it is crucial to maintain and clean the RS22 regularly to ensure optimal performance. 

Lastly, understanding and accepting the rifle’s limitations can help users make the most of their Rossi RS22 experience.


Is Rossi 22 accurate?

The Rossi 22 is generally reliable, but like any firearm, it can potentially face issues. Regular maintenance and proper usage are key factors in its performance and longevity.

Where is Rossi RS22 made?

The Rossi RS22 is manufactured by Rossi Firearms, a company based in São Leopoldo, Brazil.

Is the Rossi RS22 the same as Mossberg 702?

While the Rossi RS22 and the Mossberg 702 are both .22 caliber rifles, they are not the same. These two models are produced by different manufacturers and have distinctive features and designs.

Does the Rossi RS22 have a threaded barrel?

Yes, the Rossi RS22 does indeed have a threaded barrel. This feature allows for the attachment of various muzzle devices like suppressors or compensators, enhancing the rifle’s versatility and functionality.

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