15 Common Walther Reign Problems(With Fixes!)

The Walther Reign is a renowned name in the realm of air rifles, but even the best can face their share of problems.

This piece will provide an in-depth exploration of the challenges that Walther Reign owners can encounter.

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Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the Walther Reign, understanding these issues can enhance your ownership experience.

Walther Reign Problems

The Walther Reign is a lightweight and compact air rifle, yet users often report certain common problems.

Some of the issues include inconsistent pellet velocity, which can affect shooting accuracy. Another frequent problem is the noise level, which is significantly high despite its size.

Lastly, the rifle’s plastic body might not appeal to users seeking a more traditional, robust feel.

1. Inconsistent Power Output


The inconsistent power output of the Walther Reign could be due to several reasons. The most common is mishandling of the rifle leading to wear and tear of its components. 

Another frequent issue is poor maintenance, which can cause the accumulation of dust and debris in the air rifle, affecting its normal function. 

Further, improper tuning of the rifle can also lead to inconsistent performance with varying power outputs.


To address the problem of inconsistent power output, proper handling of the Walther Reign is crucial. 

Avoid rough usage that could potentially damage internal components. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and inspecting the rifle, can also help prevent dust accumulation that interferes with the rifle’s performance. 

Lastly, ensure that the rifle is correctly tuned. Consider seeking professional help if you’re unsure about the tuning process. 

This approach can significantly improve the consistency of the power output, enhancing your overall shooting experience.

2. Excessive Recoil


The excessive recoil encountered in the Walther Reign is often attributed to an unstable shooting stance and incorrect grip. 

If the shooter does not have a secure and balanced footing, they are likely to experience significant recoil due to the force of the air rifle’s discharge. 

Moreover, if the grip is too loose or too tight, it can lead to additional recoil when firing.


The key to reducing excessive recoil with the Walther Reign is to adopt a stable shooting stance, with feet shoulder-width apart and the body in an upright position. 

When gripping the rifle, ensure that it is not too tight or too loose. A secure but relaxed grip should be used for optimal performance. 

Further, proper breathing techniques can help reduce recoil as well.

3. Trigger Malfunction


The malfunction of the trigger in the Walther Reign is often a result of wear and tear over time or due to improper maintenance. 

The trigger mechanism of an air rifle is a complex assembly of multiple components that work together. 

Over time, these parts can wear out, leading to a failure in the trigger system. 

Also, the accumulation of dust and debris can jam the trigger, making it either too hard to press or ineffective altogether.


To rectify a malfunctioning trigger, regular maintenance and cleaning is paramount. You should ensure that the trigger mechanism is clean and free from debris, which can interfere with its function. 

If the trigger problem persists despite cleaning, then parts may be worn out and need replacing. 

It’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional gun technician who can accurately diagnose the issue and replace the necessary components. 

Regular inspection of the trigger system will also help in the early detection of any wear and tear, ensuring that preventative measures are taken promptly

This not only restores the trigger functionality but also enhances the overall performance of the Walther Reign.

4. Frequent Misfires


The most common cause of frequent misfires in the Walther Reign is often linked to the ammunition being used. 

If the ammunition is of poor quality, it may not ignite properly, leading to misfires. Incorrect loading of the ammunition can also lead to this problem. 

It is also possible that the gun has not been properly maintained, leading to a buildup of dirt and grime in the firing mechanism.


To remedy the frequent misfires, it is advised to start with the basic step of checking the quality and condition of your ammunition

Use only high-quality ammunition which is stored properly to avoid dampness. Ensure that the ammunition is loaded correctly into your Walther Reign. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your gun is crucial in preventing misfires. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to seek professional help to inspect and repair the firing mechanism.

5. Rapid Wear and Tear


The central issue related to the rapid wear and tear of the Walther Reign relates primarily to its high-speed cycling mechanism

This contributes to a faster deterioration of internal parts due to the constant friction that arises from its operation. 

Increased use, particularly in unfavorable environmental conditions, can also escalate the wear and tear process, such as exposure to dust, excessive heat, or humidity.


Resolving the issue of rapid wear involves implementing a regular maintenance schedule

Regular cleaning and lubrication of the internal parts of the Walther Reign are crucial in reducing friction and thereby, slowing the wear process. 

Moreover, using the airgun in a controlled environment can keep dust and moisture at bay. 

For significant wear issues, procuring high-quality replacement parts can increase longevity and ensure the airgun’s consistent performance.

6. Inaccurate Scope Alignment


The main cause of inaccurate scope alignment can be attributed to improper scope installation or adjustment. 

The scope, if not leveled correctly, can lead to off-center shots, even at close distances. This can be exacerbated when the scope’s reticle is not perpendicular to the bore. 

It’s also important to remember that even minor alignment issues can have a significant impact on the accuracy of long-range shots.

Remember: A minor alignment error at the scope can translate to a major miss at the target.


The solution to inaccurate scope alignment lies in proper installation and frequent checking of the scope alignment. 

Use a reliable leveling system during installation to ensure the scope is perfectly aligned with your gun’s barrel. 

You can use a plumb line or a bubble-level tool for this. Regularly check the alignment and make necessary adjustments as needed. 

Keep in mind, that even with a perfectly installed scope, knocks and bumps can throw off your alignment, so frequent checks are crucial.

Pro tip: Always double-check your scope alignment before a hunting trip or shooting competition.

7. Difficulty in Cocking


The difficulty in cocking the Walther Reign is often due to an insufficient break-in period. 

The components inside, particularly the spring and piston, require some time to adjust to the operations, which is usually achieved through a break-in period of firing a few hundred pellets.


One solution is to allow for an adequate break-in period. Consider firing around 500 to 1000 pellets to properly ‘bed in’ the internal components. 

If the difficulty persists, it would be advisable to consult a certified gunsmith or contact Walther’s customer service for further assistance. 

Remember, forcing the cocking mechanism can result in damage, so always handle with care.

8. Barrel Overheating


The primary cause for Barrel Overheating in the Walther Reign is typically due to rapid firing. 

The quick succession of shots creates friction in the barrel, and if not given enough time to cool down, this friction causes the barrel to overheat.


The best solution to counteract the Barrel Overheating problem is to allow for cooling periods between rapid firing sessions. The user should take short breaks after a series of quick shots. 

Using a heat-resistant lubricant can also help in reducing the heat build-up. Remember, giving time for your gun to cool down and using heat-resistant lubricants can significantly mitigate this problem.

Unstable Loading Mechanism


The unstable loading mechanism in the Walther Reign Air rifle can be attributed to various factors. 

The most common cause lies in the misalignment of the magazine and the breech, which can lead to inconsistent pellet seating. 

This misalignment might result from routine usage, wear and tear, or even manufacturing defects. 

Poor maintenance can further exacerbate the issue. Insufficient lubrication or the accumulation of dirt and debris can interfere with the smooth operation of the loading mechanism.


Addressing the unstable loading mechanism requires diligent maintenance and possibly professional servicing. 

Regular cleaning and lubrication of the breech and magazine area can help maintain alignment and ensure smooth operation. 

If the problem persists, a professional inspection may be needed to identify any underlying issues that can’t be resolved through regular maintenance. 

It’s important to only use parts and lubricants recommended by the manufacturer, as incompatible components can further destabilize the loading mechanism. 

In case of severe misalignment, the magazine or breech may need to be replaced.

9. Air Pressure Loss


The primary cause of air pressure loss in a Walther Reign is often due to seal degradation or damage. 

Over time, the seals in the air rifle can become worn out or degraded, often due to lack of maintenance or exposure to harsh conditions. 

Furthermore, damage to the seals or internal components of the gun can also lead to a loss of air pressure. 

Regular inspection and maintenance of the seals can help detect early signs of wear and tear, preventing sudden loss of pressure during use.


To solve this problem, it is crucial to replace the damaged or worn-out seals. Get your Walther Reign serviced by a professional, or if you have the skills, you can acquire a seal kit and do it yourself. 

Regularly oiling the seals with silicone oil can also help prolong their lifespan and maintain optimal air pressure. 

Remember, neglecting maintenance can lead to significant damage over time. Regular servicing and replacement of degraded parts can ensure your air rifle continues to function at its best.

10. Jammed Pellet Feed


The main reason for a jammed pellet feed in the Walther Reign is typically due to the usage of poor-quality or inappropriate-sized pellets. 

Incorrectly sized pellets can easily get stuck in the feed mechanism, causing it to jam. At times, dirt or debris can also accumulate and cause the same issue.

Key takeaway: Always ensure you’re using the right sized, high-quality pellets, and keep the feed mechanism clean.


To solve a jammed pellet feed problem, first, carefully open the feed mechanism to remove any jammed or broken pellets. 

If the problem persists, check for any accumulated dirt or debris and clean it thoroughly. Make sure to use a soft brush or cloth to avoid any damage. 

If all else fails, it’s best to take your Walther Reign to a professional for repair.

Key takeaway: Regular maintenance and cleanliness of the feed mechanism can prevent jams. If the problem persists, seek professional help.

11. Erratic Shot Pattern


The cause of erratic shot patterns in the Walther Reign can often be traced back to a few common issues. 

The first and most obvious is improper pellet loading. If pellets are not seated correctly in the magazine, they can cause inconsistent shooting behaviors. 

Another common issue is inadequate cleaning and maintenance. Without regular cleaning, dirt and grit can accumulate in the barrel, leading to unpredictable flight paths. 

Lastly, faulty seals within the gun can also contribute to erratic shot patterns. Damaged or worn seals can affect the pressure consistency, and therefore, the trajectory of the pellets.


Resolving the erratic shot pattern in your Walther Reign is usually a straightforward process. Proper pellet loading is crucial. 

Ensure that each pellet is seated correctly in the magazine before firing. Routine cleaning and maintenance should not be overlooked. 

Cleaning your gun regularly can significantly improve its performance and prevent erratic shot patterns. If the problem persists, inspect the seals within your gun. 

If they are damaged or worn, they should be replaced promptly. These are simple solutions that can greatly enhance your shooting experience.

12. Leaking Air Reservoir


The cause of a leaking air reservoir in the Walther Reign might be due to several reasons: deteriorating seals, loose fittings, or even a crack in the reservoir itself. 

Most commonly, it is the seals that get worn out over time, making them unable to hold the pressurized air effectively.


The solution starts with identifying the specific cause of the leak. If it’s the seals, they need to be replaced – a process that may require professional assistance. 

Ensure you get top-quality seals to prevent recurrent issues. For loose fittings, a simple tightening might suffice. 

However, if the reservoir itself has a crack, it may be necessary to replace the entire reservoir. Remember, safety should be your utmost priority, therefore, if you’re unsure, seek professional help.

13. Difficulty in Maintenance


The main cause of the maintenance difficulty is the complex internal structure of the Walther Reign. This airgun is designed with multiple small parts which require careful handling. 

Moreover, the lack of comprehensive user-friendly guides adds to the complexity.


To solve this issue, first, it is recommended to familiarize oneself with the schematics of the airgun. Understanding the assembly of the gun can vastly help in identifying and resolving issues. 

Secondly, if possible, professional servicing should be considered to avoid any inadvertent damage to the delicate parts. 

Finally, the manufacturer should be urged to provide a more comprehensive and easy-to-understand user manual that can significantly reduce the difficulty in maintenance. “””

14. Subpar Noise Suppression


The subpar noise suppression in the Walther Reign is often attributed to its compact and lightweight design. 

This design, while beneficial for ease of handling and mobility, does not sufficiently accommodate the internal mechanisms necessary for effective noise suppression. 

The lack of space results in a less effective noise-dampening system.


To address this issue, users can install aftermarket noise suppressors specifically designed for air rifles. 

These suppressors, which come in various shapes and sizes, can significantly reduce the noise generated during firing. 

By choosing a suppressor that best fits the Walther Reign, users can enjoy a quieter shooting experience without compromising the air rifle’s performance.


While the Walther Reign is a highly versatile and user-friendly air rifle, it does have its shortcomings in terms of noise suppression. 

This is primarily due to its compact and lightweight design, which, while allowing for better handling and mobility, does not provide adequate space for the internal mechanisms necessary for effective noise dampening. 

However, this issue can be effectively mitigated with the use of aftermarket noise suppressors designed for air rifles. 

By selecting a suppressor that complements the Walther Reign, users can significantly reduce the noise generated during firing, enhancing their overall shooting experience. 

Despite this minor flaw, the Walther Reign remains a reliable and high-performing air rifle, especially when equipped with the right accessories.


Is Walther Reign a good gun?

Yes, the Walther Reign is a good air rifle. Despite its minor noise suppression issue, its lightweight and compact design, coupled with high performance and the ability to upgrade with aftermarket accessories, make it a reliable choice for air rifle enthusiasts.

Where is the Walther Reign made?

The Walther Reign is made in Germany, a country known for its precision engineering and quality craftsmanship in the production of firearms.

Is the Walther Reign M2 regulated?

Yes, the Walther Reign M2 comes with a regulated system. This feature ensures a consistent muzzle velocity for improved accuracy and a higher shot count per fill.

Why is my air gun not accurate?

Inaccuracies in an air gun can result from various factors like improper handling, inconsistencies in ammunition, or misalignment in the sighting system. Regular maintenance and practice can help improve accuracy.

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