14 Common Mossberg 930 Spx Problems

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In this guide, we discussed 15 common problems of this model with unique solutions.

Mossberg 930 Spx Problems

Mossberg 930 Spx Problems

The Mossberg 930 SPX is generally well-regarded, but some users have reported certain issues. One common problem involves occasional feeding issues, particularly with certain types of ammunition.

Another issue mentioned by users is the somewhat difficult disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. Some have faced complications with the bolt release button being overly sensitive, causing unintended releases.

Though these issues can cause some inconvenience, it’s noteworthy that most are remediable with minor adjustments or modifications.

1. Firing Pin Breakage


The most common cause of firing pin breakage in Mossberg 930 SPX shotguns is prolonged use or incorrect assembly. 

Over time, repeated impacts can cause the firing pin to fracture, leading to unreliable performance. 

Incorrect reassembly after cleaning or maintenance could also lead to undue pressure on the pin, increasing the risk of breakage.


To address firing pin breakage, the foremost step is to replace the broken pin with a new one. 

It is advisable to use only manufacturer-approved parts to ensure compatibility and longevity. 

Regular maintenance and correct reassembly procedures can prevent undue pressure on the firing pin, thus prolonging its lifespan. 

If these measures are not effective, consider having your shotgun inspected by a professional gunsmith to identify and rectify any underlying issues.

2. Extractor Failure


Extractor failures in the Mossberg 930 SPX are generally the result of wear and tear or poor maintenance. 

Regularly firing rounds through the shotgun puts considerable stress on the extractor, causing it to wear down over time. 

Inadequate cleaning can also lead to a buildup of residue in the extractor recess, hindering its performance.

Remember that regular maintenance and timely parts replacement can significantly improve the lifecycle of your shotgun.


The most effective solution for an extractor failure is to replace the worn-out part. 

Mossberg provides replacement parts for their firearms that are readily available and affordable. 

Regular cleaning of the gun, particularly the bolt and the extractor recess, can also prevent failures.

Regular cleaning and replacing worn-out parts can significantly reduce extractor failures. 

Always ensure the firearm is unloaded before performing any maintenance.

3. Jams and Misfeeds


The most common causes of jams and misfeeds in Mossberg 930 SPX are inadequate lubrication, worn-out components, and incorrect ammunition type or size. 

It is crucial to remember that regular maintenance and use of recommended ammunition are key to the smooth operation of any firearm.


To resolve these issues, first, ensure that the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and appropriately lubricated. 

If the problem persists, inspect the firearm for any worn-out or damaged components and replace them accordingly. 

In case of doubts, consult with a professional gunsmith. 

Remember, using the right type and size of ammunition, as specified by the manufacturer, can significantly decrease the chances of jams and misfeeds.

4. Trigger Assembly Issues


One common issue is the trigger assembly dislodging from its place during use, often due to weak or improperly installed pins. 

This misalignment can disrupt the fire control mechanism, leading to inconsistent firing and potential safety risks.

Important: This dislodging is often due to weak or improperly installed pins. 

This misalignment can cause inconsistent firing and potential safety risks.


The solution to this problem involves thorough examination and proper reinstallation of the assembly. 

First, ensure the pins are not damaged. If they are, replace them with new, high-quality pins. Then, carefully reassemble the trigger assembly, making sure it rests securely in the designated slots. 

Lastly, regular maintenance and checks can prevent such issues from reoccurring in the future.

Remember: Ensure the pins are not damaged, carefully reassemble the trigger assembly, and perform regular maintenance to prevent future issues.

5. Difficulty in Disassembly for Cleaning


The Mossberg 930 SPX often presents significant challenges when it comes to disassembly for cleaning purposes. 

The primary cause of this difficulty lies in its intricate design, which features several small, complex parts. 

This, coupled with the lack of clear, step-by-step disassembly instructions provided by the manufacturer, makes the cleaning process quite daunting, particularly for inexperienced users.

It is essential to understand that the design intricacy of the Mossberg 930 SPX, combined with inadequate disassembly instructions, accounts for most cleanup-related challenges.


The solution to this problem is twofold. 

First, users should seek comprehensive, user-friendly guides or video tutorials that detail the disassembly process. 

These resources can be found on various firearm enthusiast forums or YouTube channels. 

Second, practicing the disassembly and reassembly process regularly can help users become more familiar with the gun’s components, thus making the cleaning process less problematic over time.

Utilizing detailed guides or video tutorials and regularly practicing the disassembly and reassembly process can significantly alleviate the difficulties associated with cleaning the Mossberg 930 SPX.

6. Recoil Spring Failure


The recoil spring failure in the Mossberg 930 SPX can often be attributed to extensive use or inadequate maintenance. 

Over time, the consistent pressure exerted on the spring during operation can lead to a decrease in tension and eventual failure, rendering the firearm less effective and potentially unsafe for use.

Regular inspection and maintenance are key to preventing recoil spring failure. 

Users should monitor the spring’s tension and replace it if it appears to be wearing out.


The solution to a failing recoil spring is to replace it with a new one. 

It’s advisable to use only high-quality replacement springs designed specifically for the Mossberg 930 SPX to ensure compatibility and reliable performance. 

A detailed guide or professional help can be beneficial when performing the replacement to ensure it’s done correctly and safely. 

Remember, regular maintenance is the best prevention – don’t wait for a complete failure.

7. Gas System Malfunctions


The primary cause of gas system malfunctions in the Mossberg 930 SPX often traces back to maintenance issues. 

Neglecting regular cleaning of the gas system can result in debris and residue build-up, which, over time, may block the gas port, disrupting the normal operation of the firearm.


A simple yet effective solution to gas system malfunctions involves regular and thorough cleaning of the entire firearm, with particular attention to the gas system. 

Utilizing a firearm-specific cleaning solution and tools can effectively remove any debris or residue. 

In cases of persistent malfunctions despite regular maintenance, consult with a professional gunsmith or consider replacing the gas system components.

8. Stock Cracking


The stock cracking in Mossberg 930 SPX firearms can be caused by excessive recoil forces exerted when firing heavier loads. 

Certain environmental factors, such as drastic temperature changes and moisture, could also contribute to this issue. 

Over time, these factors can lead to the development of cracks in the firearm’s stock.


The best solution to stock cracking is proactive maintenance and careful usage. Avoid exposing your firearm to extreme temperature changes and ensure it’s kept in a dry place. 

If cracks have already formed, it’s recommended to seek professional help. 

A qualified gunsmith can either repair the stock or replace it entirely, ensuring the firearm’s longevity and reliability.

9. Barrel Heat Shield Rattle


The Barrel Heat Shield Rattle is a common issue experienced by Mossberg 930 SPX users. 

It typically arises due to prolonged use of the firearm, leading to the loosening of the heat shield’s mountings. 

Continuous recoil and vibration during firing considerably contribute to this problem. 

As the mountings lose their firm grip, the heat shield starts to rattle, causing discomfort and potentially disrupting aim.


To address the Barrel Heat Shield Rattle, consider tightening the screws holding the heat shield in place. 

Regular maintenance of your firearm, including consistent checking and tightening of all fixtures, can prevent this issue. 

Should the problem persist, a replacement heat shield may be required. It’s crucial to consult a professional or a certified armorer for proper guidance and assistance in replacing parts. 

Remember, regular maintenance and proper handling are key to the longevity of your firearm and safety.

10. Bolt Lock Up


The Mossberg 930 SPX may face Bolt Lock Up due to the accumulation of dirt or debris inside the bolt assembly, leading to friction and resulting in the bolt getting stuck. 

Misalignment of the firing pins or insufficient lubrication can also contribute to the problem.


To rectify the Bolt Lock Up issue, it’s recommended to thoroughly clean the bolt assembly, removing any trapped dirt or debris. 

Additionally, ensure the firing pins are correctly aligned. 

Regular application of gun-specific lubricant reduces friction, preventing the bolt from locking up. 

Always follow the guidelines mentioned in the user manual to maintain the life and efficiency of your Mossberg 930 SPX.

11. Magazine Spring Wear


The cause of Magazine Spring Wear often boils down to prolonged use and high cycling rates.

Over time, the continuous tension exerted during the loading and unloading of cartridges can degrade the spring’s resilience, resulting in a decreased capacity to feed rounds reliably. 

Remember, the spring’s function is critical for the smooth operation of your Mossberg 930 SPX.


The principal remedy for worn magazine springs is a simple replacement, which can be easily performed as part of regular maintenance. 

It’s advisable to use high-quality replacement springs to ensure longevity and performance. 

Additionally, keeping your magazine clean and free from debris can significantly extend the life of the spring. 

Regular inspections for noticeable wear or damage also contribute to maintaining optimal function.

12. Safety Button Stiffness


One of the commonly reported issues with the Mossberg 930 SPX is the stiffness of the safety button, which can impede functionality during crucial moments. 

This problem typically arises from a manufacturing defect or due to extended periods of use without proper maintenance. 

The primary cause for this stiffness is typically due to excessive friction between the safety button and the internal components.


Solving the issue of safety button stiffness on the Mossberg 930 SPX involves regular maintenance and sometimes replacement of the button. 

Firstly, regular lubrication can help to reduce friction and keep the button functioning smoothly. 

If the problem persists, it may be necessary to replace the safety button with a new one. 

Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when doing maintenance or replacement to ensure the longevity of your firearm.

13. Sight Alignment Issues


The Mossberg 930 SPX may exhibit sight alignment issues due to a misaligned or loose front sight post. 

This is often attributed to prolonged use or improper handling, leading to a shift in the sight’s position and ultimately, inaccurate targeting.

Correct sight alignment is critical to achieving accurate shots

A misaligned sight can result in off-target shots, potentially compromising the safety and efficiency of the user.


In response to sight alignment issues, the recommended course of action is to perform a detailed inspection of the sight assembly. 

Tightening the front sight post or realigning it using a sight adjustment tool may resolve the problem.

For persistent issues, consider seeking professional assistance or replacing the sight assembly altogether. 

Maintaining a well-aligned sight ensures accurate targeting and optimal performance of the Mossberg 930 SPX.

14. Inadequate Lubrication Problems


Inadequate lubrication could lead to several problems in the Mossberg 930 SPX. 

This issue is typically caused by a lack of regular maintenance, leading to increased friction between moving parts, which may result in accelerated wear and tear. 

Without proper lubrication, the shotgun might suffer from irregular cycling, malfunctioning, or even potential damage to integral components.


The solution to this problem is fairly straightforward – regular and proper lubrication.

It’s important to clean the firearm after each use and apply a suitable gun oil or lubricant to the moving parts. 

One should pay extra attention to the bolt and action bars as these are the areas most prone to friction. 

Consistent maintenance will not only prolong the life of your Mossberg 930 SPX but also ensure its optimal performance during use.


In conclusion, while the Mossberg 930 SPX may present a few minor problems, such as occasional feeding issues or the need for frequent maintenance, it is important to remember that no firearm is perfect. 

These challenges do not significantly undermine the overall performance and reliability of this model. 

With its robust construction, excellent firepower, and the reliability that Mossberg is known for, the 930 SPX stands as a solid choice in the realm of semi-automatic shotguns. 

Proper maintenance and handling can further mitigate these issues, ensuring a high-performing and long-lasting firearm suitable for various applications from home defense to sports shooting.


Is the Mossberg 930 SPX reliable?

Yes, the Mossberg 930 SPX is reliable, and known for its robust construction and consistent performance.

Is the Mossberg 930 a good gun?

Absolutely, the Mossberg 930 is a good gun, popular amongst shotgun enthusiasts due to its accuracy and ease of use.

Is Mossberg 930 gas or inertia?

The Mossberg 930 utilizes a gas system, enabling it to handle a wide range of loads and reduce recoil.

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