15 Common Shadow Systems DR920 Problems (Fixes Added!)

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Shadow Systems DR920 is one of the best brands in the world of guns. 

But some people face problems with this model. 

In this guide, we explain 15 common problems of this model with unique solutions. So let’s start now.

Shadow Systems DR920 Problems

Shadow Systems DR920 Problems

The Shadow Systems DR920 is a reliable firearm overall, but it’s not without certain issues.

Some users have reported problems with the slide stop lever being too tight, which can make disassembly challenging.

Also, a few have pointed out that the pistol could be better balanced as it feels slightly top-heavy. These issues are not universal and can be subject to personal preference and handling.

1. Inconsistent Trigger Pull Weight


The inconsistency in trigger pull weight for Shadow Systems DR920 can be attributed to a variety of factors. 

The most common cause is the gradual accumulation of dirt, grime, and residue from prolonged use, which can obstruct the seamless movement of the trigger. 

In some cases, factory defects or improper assembly can also cause inconsistencies in trigger pull weight.


The solution for inconsistent trigger pull weight primarily involves thorough cleaning and maintenance of the trigger assembly. 

Regular cleaning with an appropriate solvent can help to remove accumulated dirt and residue. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to consult with a professional gunsmith or consider replacing the trigger assembly. 

It’s important to remember that while handling firearms, safety should always be the topmost priority.

2. Difficulty in Magazine Release


The difficulty in magazine release in Shadow Systems DR920 is often attributed to an oversized magazine release button. 

This issue might come up especially if the gun is new or not properly lubricated. Proper maintenance and usage can help avoid such issues.


A simple solution to address this problem would be to apply proper lubrication, ensuring the gun’s mechanisms function smoothly. 

If the problem persists, it might be worth considering the replacement of the magazine release button with a standard-sized one. 

Always ensure to use authentic, quality parts for replacement. Regular maintenance and cleaning after usage can significantly reduce these issues.

3. Slide Stop Lever Malfunctions


The slide-stop lever malfunctions are typically caused by prolonged use, inadequate maintenance or substandard ammunition. 

Over time, the mechanical parts of your firearm endure wear and tear, which may lead to the slide stop lever failing to perform its function. 

Similarly, using subpar ammunition can result in inconsistent recoil, affecting the lever’s operation.

The root causes of slide-stop lever malfunctions usually stem from prolonged use, poor maintenance, or the use of low-quality ammunition.


To resolve this issue, regular and meticulous cleaning of your firearm is paramount. Using a high-quality gun cleaning kit, remove any dirt or residue from the slide-stop lever area. 

If the problem persists, consider replacing the lever or consulting a professional gunsmith. 

Also, using high-quality ammunition can ensure consistent recoil and the smooth operation of the lever.

Regular cleaning, using high-quality ammunition, and seeking professional assistance when necessary, can mitigate slide-stop lever malfunctions.

4. Inadequate Recoil Spring Tension


Inadequate recoil spring tension in the Shadow Systems DR920 can result from prolonged usage, leading to wear and tear, or from using a spring that’s not strong enough for the caliber of the firearm. 

This problem can interfere with the firearm’s cycling process, causing issues such as failure to feed, stovepipes, and even premature wear on the firearm. 

Understanding the root cause of inadequate recoil spring tension is key to preventing potential malfunctions and ensuring optimal performance of your Shadow Systems DR920.


The solution to inadequate recoil spring tension is twofold: maintenance and replacement. 

Regular maintenance helps to prolong the life of the recoil spring, which includes cleaning and proper lubrication. 

However, once the spring has worn out, it needs to be replaced. It’s important to choose a replacement spring with the appropriate strength for your particular firearm and ammunition. 

Regular maintenance and timely replacement of the recoil spring can greatly enhance the reliability and longevity of your Shadow Systems DR920.

5. Inconsistent Ejection Pattern


The inconsistent ejection pattern in the Shadow Systems DR920 may be attributed to several factors. 

The most common cause is typically a worn-out or damaged extractor. This component is essential to the proper functioning of the firearm, as it removes spent casings from the chamber after firing. 

A malfunctioning extractor can result in erratic ejection of these casings. Another potential cause could be related to the recoil spring. 

If it’s too weak, it might not provide enough resistance to properly control the slide’s rearward motion, leading to inconsistent ejection.


To address the inconsistent ejection pattern, it is recommended to first inspect the extractor for any signs of wear or damage. 

If any are found, the extractor should be replaced. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the firearm can also help to prevent this issue, as the build-up of gunk and debris can interfere with the extractor’s operation. 

If the recoil spring is suspected to be the cause, it may be beneficial to test the firearm with a different recoil spring to observe if the ejection pattern improves. 

If the issue persists after these steps, professional gunsmith consultation is advised.

6. Light Primer Strike Issues


Light primer strikes in the Shadow Systems DR920 can be attributed to a variety of factors. 

Often, it is due to a weak firing pin spring, or perhaps the firing pin channel being obstructed by debris

In some cases, the issue might stem from low-quality ammunition with hard primers that require more force to ignite.


Resolving light primer strike issues starts with thoroughly cleaning the firing pin channel to remove any potential obstructions. 

It is also recommended to check the condition of your firing pin spring and replace it if necessary. 

Importantly, always ensure to use high-quality ammunition with sensitive primers to avoid such issues.

7. Feed Ramp Polish Deficiencies


The Feed Ramp Polish Deficiencies in the Shadow Systems DR920 can often be traced back to the manufacturing process. 

The surface of the feed ramp may not have been adequately polished, leading to roughness. This can impede the smooth feeding of ammunition, resulting in stoppages or jams.


Addressing Feed Ramp Polish Deficiencies involves polishing the ramp surface to a mirror-like finish. 

This process, ideally performed by a trained gunsmith, significantly smooths the ramp, facilitating the smooth feeding of ammunition and enhancing overall firearm performance. 

Regular maintenance and inspection can also help prevent such issues from cropping up in the future. Remember, a well-maintained weapon is a reliable weapon.

8. Excessive Barrel Heat


The predominant cause of excessive barrel heat in Shadow Systems DR920 is heavy and rapid firing. 

This is because each discharge ignites a powder that generates a hot gas, causing the barrel to heat up. 

When you fire rounds in quick succession, the barrel doesn’t get a chance to cool down, causing the temperature to rise dangerously.

Remember, high heat can deform parts of the gun, degrade accuracy, and can cause potential safety hazards.


To counteract this, allow regular intervals between firing rounds to let the barrel cool down. 

Using high-quality ammunition can also help reduce excessive heat. Moreover, investing in a barrel cooler can be beneficial for frequent and rapid-fire shooters.

Frequent breaks, quality ammunition, and using barrel coolers can significantly reduce the chances of excessive barrel heat.

9. Complicated Disassembly Process


The complexity in the disassembly process of the Shadow Systems DR920 primarily arises from its intricate design structure. 

Each component has been meticulously designed for peak performance, making the deconstruction process slightly more challenging than that of other firearms. 

This complexity could potentially lead to improper handling and damage if not approached with caution.

The primary challenge is the intricate design structure of the firearm. 

Additionally, the disassembly process can lead to improper handling and inadvertent damage if not done with caution.


The solution to overcoming the complexities involved in the disassembly process involves detailed and careful instruction. 

It is advisable to utilize a comprehensive guide or tutorial to ensure each step is carried out correctly. 

Proper tools should be used, and each step should be conducted in an unhurried manner to prevent any damage to the gun components.

A comprehensive guide or tutorial can make the disassembly process much easier. 

Using the correct tools and not rushing the process will prevent unintended damage to the firearm’s components.

10. Uncomfortable Grip Texture


The uncomfortable grip texture of the Shadow Systems DR920 is often reported by users. 

This is primarily caused by the high aggressiveness of the grip’s texture, which can lead to discomfort or even skin abrasions during extended use. 

The grip’s texture is designed for enhanced control and slip resistance, but it can become problematic for users with sensitive skin or those who use the firearm for long periods.


The solution to this issue lies in using a grip sleeve or customizing the grip texture. Grip sleeves can provide additional comfort and reduce the aggressiveness of the grip texture. 

Alternatively, customizing the grip texture to suit the user’s preference can significantly improve the comfort level. 

Before choosing to modify your DR920, it’s important to remember that any modifications should align with safety standards and be done by a professional to prevent damage to the firearm.

11. Loose Rear Sight


The loosening of the rear sight on a Shadow Systems DR920 could be due to prolonged use, improper installation, or recoil impact. 

Prolonged use subjects the sight to repeated impacts, loosening its screws and potentially allowing it to shift out of place. 

Improper installation occurs when the sight is not properly secured in place. Finally, recoil impact could cause it to come loose over time as the firearm is fired.


To prevent or address this issue, it is recommended that users check the tightness of their rear sight periodically. If the sight is loose, it should be tightened and secured with a hex key. 

Additionally, recoil impacts can be mitigated by using better shooting techniques or adding weight to the rear of the firearm. 

Finally, proper installation techniques should always be followed when installing a new rear sight on the DR920.

12. Difficulty in Slide Racking


The issue with slide racking in the Shadow Systems DR920 might be due to a stiff recoil spring, a very tight slide-to-frame fit, or a lack of lubrication. 

These factors contribute to the difficulty users may experience when attempting to retract the slide, especially during initial usage or without proper maintenance.

Consistent lubrication and proper handling can significantly alleviate this issue.


To resolve this, regular maintenance of the weapon is recommended. Keep the slide rails and the recoil spring assembly properly lubricated. 

Over time, as the firearm breaks in, the slide will become easier to rack. In addition, practicing proper slide-racking techniques, like using the slingshot method or overhand method, can also be beneficial.

Regular maintenance, proper lubrication, and good racking techniques are key components to solving this issue.

13. Unexpected Safety Engagement


The unexpected safety engagement on the Shadow Systems DR920 may be due to a malfunctioning safety lever or an issue with the internal firing mechanism. 

This problem can arise from regular wear and tear or due to improper maintenance, causing the safety mechanism to engage unpredictably, which can be a potential safety risk.

Regular maintenance and care are essential to prevent such issues. It’s not recommended to ignore or overlook this problem as it can lead to unintended firing or failure to fire when needed.


The most immediate solution is to have your firearm inspected by a certified professional. They can assess the extent of the issue and perform necessary repairs or replacements. 

Regular and correct cleaning of the firearm can often prevent such problems from recurring.

To avoid future unexpected safety engagement, always adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and use only approved accessories

Regular inspection of the safety mechanism is also vital to ensure its proper functioning. Bear in mind that the safety of a firearm is paramount and any perceived issue should be addressed promptly.

14. Limited Magazine Capacity


The limited magazine capacity of the Shadow Systems DR920 can be attributed to its compact design. 

The model is built to be lightweight and easily portable, which inherently restricts the space available for a larger magazine. 

This limitation could potentially hinder continuous shooting, resulting in frequent reloading, especially in situations demanding higher ammunition volume.

The compact design of the model limits the magazine’s capacity. Frequent reloading can disrupt continuous shooting, particularly in high-intensity scenarios.


While the magazine capacity is a model-specific feature and cannot be significantly altered, users could consider carrying multiple magazines to mitigate the issue. 

Further, practicing efficient reloading techniques could also help ensure minimal disruption during shooting. 

Pairing the model with high-capacity magazines, where legally permissible, could be another viable solution.

Carrying multiple magazines and mastering efficient reloading techniques can alleviate the issue. 

Pairing the DR920 with high-capacity magazines, where legally permissible, provides an effective solution.

15. High Muzzle Flip


The high muzzle flip in Shadow Systems DR920 can be attributed to a combination of factors, most notably, the physics of recoil. 

The transfer of energy when the gun is fired pushes back against the shooter, causing the firearm to rise or ‘flip’. 

This is particularly exacerbated in lightweight or compact firearms.

The crucial aspects to consider are the gun’s design, the shooter’s grip strength, and the type of ammunition used.


To mitigate the high muzzle flip, several strategies can be employed. Enhanced grip techniques and strength training can provide better control over the firearm. 

Moreover, using ammunition with less powder or a lower-grain bullet might reduce the recoil.

Upgrading to a heavier guide rod or installing a compensator are other effective solutions. 

These modifications can provide a significant reduction in muzzle flip, thus improving the overall shooting experience.


While the Shadow Systems DR920 presents several notable features, it also suffers from its share of drawbacks. 

Its customizability and robust build make it an appealing choice for many firearm enthusiasts, but persistent issues related to the trigger mechanism and ergonomics may deter potential users. 

Therefore, as with any firearm, prospective buyers should consider their specific needs and preferences before making a purchase. 

Despite its problems, the Shadow Systems DR920, when used within its capabilities, can still be a reliable addition to any firearm collection.


Is the DR920 reliable?

Yes, the Shadow Systems DR920 is generally reliable, especially when used within its design capabilities. However, there may be issues with the trigger mechanism and ergonomics.

Are Shadow Systems guns reliable?

Yes, Shadow Systems firearms are known for their robust build and customizability, making them generally reliable.

Is the Shadow Systems DR920 a Glock?

The Shadow Systems DR920 is not a Glock, but it is designed to be compatible with Glock parts and accessories.

What kind of Glock is DR920?

The DR920 is not a Glock, but it is designed to be compatible with Glock parts and is often compared to the Glock 17 in terms of size and function.

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