15 Common Shadow Systems MR920 Problems (Fixes Added!)

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Shadow Systems MR920 is one of the best brands in the world of guns. 

But some people face problems with this model. 

In this guide, we explain 15 common problems of this model with unique solutions. So let’s start now.

Shadow Systems MR920 Problems

Shadow Systems MR920 Problems

The Shadow Systems MR920 is generally well-regarded for its performance and durability, but it is not without its issues.

Some users have reported a stiff initial trigger pull which can affect shooting accuracy. Others have experienced occasional problems with the slide lock on new models, requiring a break-in period for smoother operation.

Lastly, the price point may be a deterrent for those on a tighter budget. Despite these concerns, the MR920 remains a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts.

1. Firing Pin Failures


The primary reason for firing pin failures in the Shadow Systems MR920 can often be traced back to the improper handling or maintenance of the firearm. 

Regular and thorough cleaning is a crucial aspect of firearm upkeep that many owners overlook. 

Over time, the buildup of grime and debris within the firing pin channel can impede the firing pin’s movement, causing failures.


The solution to firing pin failures involves both preventative maintenance and, if necessary, component replacement. 

Regular cleaning and proper care of your Shadow Systems MR920 can significantly mitigate the risk of firing pin failures, ensuring the firing pin channel is free of debris. 

If the problem persists even after thorough cleaning, consider replacing the firing pin

Always ensure to consult a professional gunsmith for any major repairs to maintain the safety and reliability of your firearm.

2. Extractor Breakages


The primary cause of extractor breakages in the Shadow Systems MR920 often boils down to excessive use or using incompatible ammunition. 

Over time, extractors can wear down, leading to breakages. 

Moreover, if the firearm isn’t properly maintained, debris can build up, causing undue stress on the extractor.

Note: Regular inspection of the extractor, especially after periods of heavy usage, is crucial. Utilizing suitable ammunition is equally important to prevent premature extractor failure.


To prevent extractor breakages, regular maintenance is key. This includes cleaning the firearm after use and checking the extractor for wear and tear. 

If wear is noticed, immediate replacement is recommended.

Remember: Proper care and routine check-ups of your firearm can greatly extend the lifespan of the extractor and prevent unexpected failures. 

3. Magazine Release Issues


The magazine release issues in Shadow Systems MR920 often originate from continuous wear and tear, causing the magazine release spring to lose its tension. 

In some instances, manufacturing defects might also cause the magazine to stick or not drop freely.

Please note: Continuous use can wear down the magazine release spring. A weak spring might be the root cause of these issues.


The solution to such issues primarily involves replacing the faulty magazine release spring. 

It’s recommended to consult with a certified armorer or the manufacturer for the replacement procedure. 

Key point: Replacing the worn-out magazine release spring is the primary solution. Always consult a certified armorer or the manufacturer for proper guidance.

Slide Stop Lever Malfunctions


The most common cause of slide-stop lever malfunctions in Shadow Systems MR920 could be due to excessive wear, improper installation, or a damaged part. 

Often, continuous use without proper maintenance leads to wear that affects the lever’s function.


To rectify this issue, the first step is to thoroughly inspect the lever for any signs of damage or excessive wear. 

If any faults are found, it’s recommended to replace the slide stop lever with a new one. On the other hand, if the lever appears to be in good condition, the problem could lie in its installation. 

In this case, ensure that it is properly installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

4. Trigger Reset Problems


The trigger reset problem in Shadow Systems MR920 is typically caused by an improperly installed trigger spring or a worn-out trigger bar. 

If the trigger spring is not seated correctly or the trigger bar has been excessively worn due to prolonged use, it may result in trigger reset issues. 

An incorrect installation often leads to a misalignment of components, while excessive wear can cause components to fail to return to their original position.


The solution to the trigger reset problem involves disassembling the trigger mechanism and inspecting each component for wear or improper installation. 

If the trigger spring is not correctly installed, it should be repositioned or replaced if necessary. If the trigger bar shows signs of wear, a replacement should be considered. 

5. Recoil Spring Assembly Defects


The root cause of recoil spring assembly defects often lies in either improper installation or manufacturing flaws. 

Incorrect assembly can lead to misalignment, which can in turn cause undue wear and tear. 

Manufacturing defects, such as a weak spring or poor-quality materials, can compromise the durability of the assembly, leading to premature failures.

Proper installation is critical for optimal functionality. Manufacturing quality should never be compromised.


Addressing recoil spring assembly defects requires a two-pronged approach: careful installation and quality replacement parts. 

First, ensure that the assembly is installed correctly by following the manufacturer’s guidelines precisely. 

If damage has already occurred, replace the defective parts with high-quality replacements from a reliable source.

6. Difficulty In Field Stripping


The primary difficulty in field stripping the Shadow Systems MR920 often lies in its unique build and design specifics. 

The locking block pin, for instance, can be particularly challenging to remove, given its tight fit. 

This often makes the field stripping process more complex than those of other similar models. Inexperience or lack of proper tools may also contribute to the difficulty.

Note: The locking block pin’s tight fit and the user’s inexperience or lack of proper tools are common factors causing difficulties in field stripping the Shadow Systems MR920.


The key to overcoming the difficulty in field stripping lies in understanding the specific disassembly process of the MR920 and having the right tools at hand. 

It is recommended to apply a proper punch and hammer to gently tap out the locking block pin. 

Moreover, it is crucial to maintain patience during the process, as haste or force can lead to unnecessary damage.

Note: Using the correct tools, understanding the specific disassembly process, and maintaining patience can effectively address the difficulty in field stripping the Shadow Systems MR920.

7. Issues with Sights


The Shadow Systems MR920 is an excellent firearm, but some users have reported issues with the sights. 

The primary cause appears to be the sight alignment, which may not be accurate straight out of the box. 

This misalignment can lead to inaccurate target acquisition and shots landing off the intended mark. Proper alignment of sights is crucial for accurate shooting.


Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. The sights on the MR920 are adjustable, and users can realign them for improved accuracy. 

A sight pusher tool is commonly used to make these adjustments. Always remember to adjust sights in a controlled environment before active use

If users are uncomfortable making these adjustments themselves, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional gunsmith. 

Proper alignment of sights enhances the overall performance and accuracy of the firearm.

8. Barrel Peening Problems


A common cause for barrel peening in the Shadow Systems MR920 often stems from inconsistent or excessive cycling of the slide, leading to the barrel impacting the slide stop notch. 

Components made from softer metals can exacerbate this issue, as they are more prone to deform under stress. 

The severity of the peening can vary, but it’s often accelerated by high round counts and aggressive handling.

Remember: the combination of excessive slide cycling, softer metal components, and high round counts can significantly accelerate barrel peening.


The solution to this problem involves several steps. First, ensure that the firearm is being handled correctly, as aggressive handling can result in premature wear. 

Regular cleaning and proper lubrication of the gun can also help to reduce the risk of peening. 

Lastly, consider upgrading to parts made from harder materials to withstand the impacts better. Using a stronger slide stop, for instance, can help in minimizing barrel peening.

Proper handling, regular cleaning, adequate lubrication, and upgrading to more durable parts can significantly reduce barrel peening in the Shadow Systems MR920.

9. Grip Texture Wear


The grip texture wear in Shadow Systems MR920 often results from frequent usage or extreme conditions, such as exposure to harsh environments. 

This wear can result in a diminished grip, affecting the overall performance and user-handling experience of the firearm. 

Extended use might cause the texture to erode, reducing its efficacy in providing a firm and secure grip.


Fortunately, grip texture wear can be mitigated or even resolved. A regular maintenance routine is key to prolonging the grip’s lifespan. 

This includes cleaning the grip with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and protecting it from extreme conditions. 

In the event of severe wear, consider replacing the grip or having it professionally retouched. Protecting your MR920’s grip texture from wear not only improves performance but also ensures safety and longevity.

10. Holster Compatibility Issues


The primary reason for holster compatibility issues with the Shadow Systems MR920 often lies in its unique design features. 

This model has a slightly different profile compared to more common pistols, such as those in the Glock series. 

Consequently, it may not fit perfectly in holsters designed for these more widespread models. Remember, not all Glock 19 holsters will work with the MR920 due to its distinct slide design.


To mitigate the holster compatibility issues, opt for holsters specifically designed for the Shadow Systems MR920. 

Numerous manufacturers produce bespoke holsters tailored to this model. If a custom holster is not an option, carefully verify the holster’s compatibility before purchase. 

Always ensure the holster is designed to accommodate the MR920’s unique dimensions. This will not only improve safety but also enhance the firearm’s usability and accessibility.

11. Erratic Ejection Patterns


The cause of erratic ejection patterns in the Shadow Systems MR920 can often be traced back to issues with the extractor or the ejector. 

In some cases, the extractor may not be gripping the cartridge rim properly, leading to inconsistent ejection angles. 

Wear and tear on the ejector or poorly machined parts can also result in unpredictable ejection patterns.


Addressing erratic ejection patterns primarily involves checking and replacing the faulty extractor or ejector. 

A high-quality, well-machined extractor can significantly improve the ejection pattern. Alternatively, consider replacing the ejector if it shows signs of damage or wear. 

Regular maintenance and inspection of these components can help prevent this issue from arising in the first place.

12. Light Primer Strikes


Light primer strikes in the Shadow Systems MR920 are often attributable to the firing pin not striking the primer with sufficient force, which can be due to a variety of factors such as a weak firing pin spring, a misaligned pin, or a dirty firing pin channel. 

The primer needs a strong, direct strike to ignite the gunpowder and fire the bullet

A light strike means that the bullet will not fire, which can be a significant problem, especially in a self-defense situation.


The most common remedy for light primer strikes is to check and clean the firing pin and its channel. 

Accumulated dirt and debris can obstruct the firing pin’s path and weaken the force of the strike. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your firearm can significantly reduce the risk of light primer strikes

If the problem persists despite cleaning, consider replacing the firing pin spring or consulting with a professional gunsmith. 

13. Difficulty in Installing Aftermarket Parts


The primary cause of difficulty when installing aftermarket parts on the Shadow Systems MR920 stems from its unique design and build. 

Unlike many other pistols, the MR920 has been engineered with specific proprietary parts that do not conform to the typical Glock standards. 

This leads to compatibility issues with many aftermarket parts designed for a Glock.

The uniqueness of the Shadow Systems MR920’s design, while advantageous for performance and reliability, has inadvertently resulted in compatibility problems with standard Glock aftermarket parts.


To overcome these challenges, it is crucial to seek out aftermarket parts specifically compatible with the Shadow Systems MR920. 

Many gun shops and online platforms provide spec-specific parts that can be easily installed on the MR920. 

Another alternative is to opt for professional help, especially for new gun owners, to ensure correct and safe installation.

Finding MR920-spec aftermarket parts, or seeking professional installation services, can significantly alleviate the challenges of customizing the Shadow Systems MR920.

14. Challenges with Double Feed Jamming


Double feed jamming in the Shadow Systems MR920 often arises due to issues with the magazine or the ammunition itself. 

The gun may not be properly stripping the next round from the magazine, or the rounds may be improperly placed. 

It’s crucial to ensure proper loading of the magazine and the use of quality ammunition to prevent this issue.


Addressing a double feed requires a specific set of actions. First, the shooter needs to remove the magazine and lock the slide back. 

Next, the stuck round or casing must be removed from the chamber. Once cleared, the gun can be reloaded and should function properly. 

It may also be beneficial to examine the magazine and ammunition for any visible issues. Following these steps should effectively resolve the double feed issue in most cases.


While the Shadow Systems MR920 has its share of challenges, it remains a reliable choice for many firearm enthusiasts. 

Key issues mainly revolve around the trigger reset and initial fitting of the grip. However, these obstacles are often outweighed by the pistol’s many positives—its robust design, customization options, and ease of use. 

As with any product, prospective buyers are encouraged to weigh these pros and cons and determine if the MR920 matches their unique needs and expectations. 

Enthusiasts should remember that issues can be mitigated with appropriate modifications and user familiarity, enhancing the firearm’s performance and user experience.


Is the Shadow System MR920 reliable?

Yes, the MR920 is known for its reliability and robust design, although it may require some initial modifications and getting used to.

How many rounds to break in MR920?

Typically, around 200 to 300 rounds are needed to properly break in the MR920.

Are Shadow Systems as good as Glock?

While this largely depends on personal preference, many users find Shadow Systems, including the MR920, to be an excellent alternative to Glock due to their customization options and robustness.

What Glock is the MR920 equivalent to?

The MR920 is most similar to the Glock 19 in terms of size and functionality but offers more customization and ergonomic features.

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