10 Common Century Arms c39v2 Problems (With Fixes!)

The Century Arms c39v2 is a popular firearm, renowned for its affordability and reliability. 

However, like any piece of machinery, it’s not without potential issues. In this guide, we’ll explore ten common problems that you might encounter with your Century Arms c39v2, along with practical and effective fixes. 

By understanding these issues, you’ll be able to ensure your firearm functions at its highest capacity, providing safety and precision when you need it the most.

Century Arms c39v2 Problems

Century Arms c39v2 Problems

1. Inconsistent Trigger Response


The inconsistent trigger response in Century Arms c39v2 firearms can be attributed to various factors such as poor maintenance, usage of low-quality ammunition, or faulty internal components. 

If the gun is not cleaned regularly or is fed cheap, unreliable ammo, the trigger mechanism can become unpredictable. 

Furthermore, an inherent design flaw or loose parts within the firearm can also be a contributing factor.


If the trigger response is inconsistent, there are a few potential solutions to consider. First, ensure that your gun is regularly maintained and cleaned. 

Regular inspections of internal components can help you identify any wear or damage that may affect the gun’s performance. Second, use quality ammunition and avoid any cheap or low-quality brands. 

Finally, contact a gunsmith to determine if the trigger mechanism may need repairs or adjustments. A professional can address any underlying issues with your firearm quickly and efficiently.

2. Premature Wear of Bolt Carrier


The cause of premature wear of the bolt carrier in the Century Arms c39v2 typically stems from its material composition and manufacturing process. 

The bolt carrier and bolt are made from cast materials, which are known to be less resilient than milled or forged materials. 

Further, improper heat treatment can further weaken these components, leading to premature wear.


The solution to this issue involves replacing the bolt carrier and bolt with versions made from more durable materials. 

Ideally, these replacements should be milled or forged and undergo correct heat treatment to ensure longevity. 

Regular inspection and maintenance, including proper cleaning and lubrication, are also essential for preventing premature wear.

3. Difficulty in Disassembling


One of the common issues that many users have reported with the Century Arms c39v2 is the difficulty in its disassembly. 

This is usually caused by the tight fit of components, as well as the complex structure of the rifle itself, which can be daunting for inexperienced users.


To alleviate this problem, it’s advisable to familiarize oneself with the user manual, which contains detailed instructions on how to properly disassemble the firearm. 

Also, practicing the disassembly and reassembly process under the supervision of a knowledgeable person can significantly ease the process.

Remember, safety should always be the priority; if in doubt, seek professional assistance.

4. Loose Front Sight


The cause of a loose front sight in Century Arms c39v2 typically stems from prolonged use or improper handling of the firearm. 

Over time, the continuous recoil can cause the front sight to gradually loosen. Also, improper cleaning or maintenance practices can contribute to this issue.


The remedy to a loose front sight involves careful tightening of the sight. It is crucial to ensure that the sight is aligned correctly before tightening to maintain accuracy. 

If the problem persists, we recommend seeking professional help. Always remember, that safety should be a top priority when handling firearms.

5. Misaligned Gas Block


Misalignment in the gas block of Century Arms c39v2 is often a result of improper installation or wear and tear over time. 

The misalignment impedes the flow of gas, which in turn, interrupts the gun’s cycling process. This misalignment can severely impact the firearm’s performance and reliability.


To rectify a misaligned gas block, thorough inspection and realignment by a professional gunsmith are recommended. 

The use of proper tools and expertise can ensure precision and avoid further damage to the firearm. Regular maintenance and routine checks are also essential to prevent such issues in the future.

6. Failing Extractor Spring


The Extractor Spring in the Century Arms c39v2 can wear out after prolonged usage, leading to the failure of the extractor. 

This can cause a variety of problems and malfunctions such as stovetop rattling, oven door not opening, alarm beeps, or an annoying constant hum.


To resolve this issue, it is recommended that you replace the Extractor Spring with a new one. You can find replacement Extractor Springs for the Century Arms c39v2 on our website. 

Simply select your model number and we’ll guide you through the process of installing a new spring.

7. Broken Recoil Spring


The cause of a broken recoil spring in a Century Arms c39v2 is typically due to wear and tear. 

As the gun is fired, the recoil spring can become stretched or break over time as it absorbs the force of each shot.


Fortunately, there are a few solutions to this problem.

The first and most effective solution is to replace the broken recoil spring with a new one. As the recoil spring is an essential part of the gun’s functioning, it should be replaced with a new one that is designed for your specific firearm model.

Another solution would be to have the recoil spring professionally checked and adjusted if necessary. 

This may require disassembling the firearm by a certified gunsmith and replacing worn parts as needed.

8. Eroding Muzzle Brake


The erosion of the muzzle brake in Century Arms c39v2 is often linked to the frequent use of high-pressure ammunition. 

This ammunition, when fired, results in a significant expulsion of hot gases and particulates that can gradually wear down the muzzle brake over time.


A potential solution to mitigate this issue involves frequent maintenance and replacement of the muzzle brake when erosion signs are evident. 

Moreover, using ammunition with a lower pressure rating can also help to reduce the wear and tear on the muzzle brake. 

Regular cleaning of the firearm can also aid in maintaining the longevity of the muzzle brake.

9. Inaccurate Iron Sights


The root of the inaccuracy in iron sights can often be traced back to manufacturing inconsistencies. 

Due to the mass production of the Century Arms c39v2, some units may suffer from misaligned sights, leading to significant deviations in bullet trajectory.


To rectify this, professional sight adjustment is recommended. Gunsmiths possess the necessary expertise and tools to accurately align the sights. 

Alternatively, owners can purchase an aftermarket sight adjustment tool and follow online tutorials to correct the alignment themselves. 

Remember, safety should be paramount when handling firearms.

10. Overheating Handguard


The Century Arms c39v2 has been reported to have an overheating handguard problem. This issue often arises due to the rifle’s design, which lacks adequate heat dispersion. 

This means, that during prolonged shooting sessions, the heat generated by the gun cannot effectively dissipate, leading to an uncomfortably hot handguard.


A practical solution to the overheating issue is to replace the original handguard with an aftermarket one that is designed with better heat dissipation properties. 

Look for handguards with good ventilation and made of materials known for their heat-resistant qualities. 

Besides, employing shooting techniques that allow the gun to cool down between sessions can also help manage the overheating problem.


Although the Century Arms c39v2 has its merits, like any firearm, it does come with its set of problems. The overheating handguard issue, in particular, could be a potential deal-breaker for some. 

However, with careful consideration and proactive measures, it is a problem that can be effectively managed. 

Replacing the original handguard with an aftermarket one, choosing materials known for their heat resistance, and adopting suitable shooting techniques can greatly minimize the issue. 

Ultimately, the key is to understand the rifle’s limitations and adjust accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.


Is the C39v2 that bad?

While the C39v2 has some reported issues, like the overheating handguard, it’s not necessarily ‘bad’ and many of these issues can be mitigated with careful use and modifications.

Is the Century Arms C39v2 milled or stamped?

The Century Arms C39v2 is milled, giving it a sturdy and robust construction.

Does the C39v2 have a chrome-lined barrel?

No, the Century Arms C39v2 does not come with a chrome-lined barrel.

Where is the Century Arms C39v2 made?

The Century Arms C39v2 is made in the USA, ensuring compliance with stringent standards and regulations.

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