10 Common Century Arms RAS47 Problems

The Century Arms RAS47, while famous for its affordable price and widely available accessories, is often criticized for a variety of issues ranging from minor to significant. 

These problems can affect the performance, reliability, and safety of the firearm, leaving many owners understandably frustrated. 

In this article, we will delve into ten of the most common problems associated with the RAS47 and provide potential solutions to help you better understand your firearm and improve its performance.

Century Arms RAS47 Problems

Century Arms RAS47 Problems

Inconsistent Trigger Mechanism


The inconsistent trigger mechanism of the Century Arms RAS47 is usually due to the low-quality materials used in its production. 

The components of the trigger mechanism are not durable enough to withstand heavy usage, leading to premature wear and tear. 

This wear and tear, over time, results in inconsistent firing, which is a major safety concern.


The most effective solution to this problem is to replace the trigger mechanism with a high-quality one. It’s crucial to choose a trigger mechanism from a reputable manufacturer to ensure longevity and consistent performance. 

Regular maintenance of your firearm is also paramount to prevent further inconsistencies in the trigger mechanism. Remember, safety should be the top priority when handling any firearm.

Frequent Bolt Carrier Failures


The primary cause of frequent Bolt Carrier failures in Century Arms RAS47 is mainly due to its cast bolt

The manufacturing process does not produce a resilient bolt able to withstand high pressure and intense heat from repetitive firing. 

Over time, this casting issue might result in a potential bolt break or a catastrophic rifle failure, damaging the entire rifle mechanism.


The ideal solution to this recurring problem is upgrading the existing bolt with a milled one. A milled bolt is manufactured from a solid block of steel, which makes it more robust and dependable for heavy-duty performances. 

Another solution is to ensure regular maintenance of the bolt, lubricating it frequently to reduce wear and prevent the buildup of residue. 

Lastly, to enhance the lifespan of your Century Arms RAS47, it is advised to avoid rapid, continuous firing which puts undue stress on the bolt.

Subpar Build Quality


The root cause of the subpar build quality of the Century Arms RAS47 lies in its manufacturing process. 

Unlike its competitors who prioritize precision and high-quality raw materials, Century Arms has opted for cost-effective methods, compromising on quality. 

This results in a product that, while friendly on the wallet, may not live up to the expectations of an experienced shooter. 

The most common issues include excessive receiver wear, premature parts breakage, and even out-of-battery detonations.


Overcoming these quality issues would require a significant overhaul of the manufacturing process. Century Arms should revisit its choice of materials, ensuring that only the highest-grade raw materials are used in production. 

Also, improving the precision of the manufacturing process to minimize faults, thereby reducing the likelihood of breakage or malfunction, is highly recommended. 

Last but not least, implementing rigorous quality control checks can prevent faulty units from reaching consumers, improving the overall reputation and trustworthiness of the brand.

Lack of Robustness in Structural Design


The main cause for the lack of robustness in the structural design of the Century Arms RAS47 lies in the use of cast parts for critical components. 

Cast parts, although more economical to manufacture, are often prone to breakage and do not stand up well to prolonged usage or extreme conditions. 

The bolt carrier and trunnion, which are pivotal to the mechanism of the firearm, are cast in the RAS47, leading to the potential for premature wear and failure.


The solution to this structural weakness is to switch to machined parts for the crucial components. 

Machined parts are not only more durable but also offer greater precision, which can significantly enhance the overall performance and lifespan of the firearm. 

Manufacturers can specifically use milled steel for the bolt carrier and trunnion components in order to strengthen the structural integrity of the Century Arms RAS47.

High Recoil Impact


The high recoil impact of the Century Arms RAS47 can primarily be attributed to its lightweight design coupled with its powerful 7.62x39mm caliber. 

This powerful cartridge, while beneficial for long-range and stopping power, can generate substantial recoil especially when fired from a lightweight platform.

The lack of a substantial buffer system also contributes to the pronounced recoil.

The high recoil is mainly due to the lightweight design and powerful 7.62x39mm caliber. The absence of an effective buffer system also amplifies the recoil.


The issue of high recoil impact can be mitigated by a few solutions. One of the practical solutions includes using a heavier stock to add weight to the rifle, which can help absorb some of the recoil. 

Another solution is to install a recoil-reducing buffer or recoil pad. Moreover, practice and a proper shooting stance can significantly reduce the felt recoil.

To reduce the recoil, consider adding a heavier stock or a recoil-reducing buffer. Proper shooting stance and regular practice can also help manage the recoil effectively.

Ejection Mechanism Issues


The primary cause of ejection mechanism issues in Century Arms RAS47 is often linked to the bolt carrier. 

The bolt carrier’s premature wear and tear due to excessive use or the usage of cheaply made, low-quality ammunition can lead to inconsistent ejection patterns and failure to eject spent casings. 

This problem, if ignored, can escalate quickly, making the firearm unreliable and unsafe to use.


Addressing the ejection mechanism issues requires a two-fold approach. Firstly, regular cleaning and maintenance of the firearm can prevent any potential ejection issues. 

Pay particular attention to the bolt carrier and the ejection port during cleaning. Secondly, always opt for high-quality ammunition, as low-quality ones can cause excessive wear on the bolt carrier. 

Remember, preventive maintenance and high-quality ammunition can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing ejection mechanism issues.

Nonstandard Parts Compatibility


One of the major issues with the Century Arms RAS47 is its nonstandard parts compatibility. 

This essentially means that the RAS47 does not reliably fit or function with a variety of accessories and parts intended for other AK variants. 

The reason for this incompatibility is due to the unique specifications and dimensions employed in the construction of the RAS47.


While this may seem like an insurmountable problem, there are a few solutions. 

Firstly, careful research should be done before purchasing any accessories or replacement parts to ensure they are compatible with the RAS47. 

In addition, there is the option of customizing or adjusting nonstandard parts to fit the RAS47 although this should be undertaken by a professional to avoid causing further issues. 

Lastly, Century Arms provides a range of parts and accessories specifically designed for the RAS47, which can alleviate many of these compatibility problems.

Absence of Chrome Lining in Barrel


The absence of a chrome lining in the Century Arms RAS47 barrel is primarily due to the company’s attempt to cut production costs. 

The chrome lining, while greatly enhancing the durability and life span of the firearm, also increases its overall production cost. 

This is a significant drawback as it results in higher susceptibility to wear and corrosion, especially under intensive use or harsh conditions.


The best solution to this problem is either opting for aftermarket chrome-lined barrels available in the market or considering other AK variants with pre-installed chrome-lined barrels. 

These aftermarket barrels or chrome-lined AK variants may cost a bit more initially, but they can save money in the long run due to their increased durability and longer life span. 

Furthermore, proper cleaning and maintenance of the firearm can also prolong its life, even without a chrome lining.

Unreliable Feeding Mechanism


The primary cause of the unreliable feeding mechanism in the Century Arms RAS47 can be traced back to a poorly designed magazine well. 

The badly executed design can lead to a loose fit with certain types of magazines, causing inconsistent feeding of the rounds. 

The uneven alignment of the magazine and the ammunition chamber can also result in the rounds not being fed reliably into the firearm.


A potential solution to the unreliable feeding mechanism is to carefully examine the magazines and the magazine well for any alignment issues. 

Filing down high spots on the magazine or the magazine well could help achieve a more consistent fit. 

While this fix might work for some, it may not for others – For a more permanent solution, consider having the firearm inspected and professionally serviced, or even replacing the magazine with a higher-quality part.

Flawed Gas System


The RAS47’s gas system is flawed, primarily due to its use of a cast trunnion. This component is known to be less durable than its forged counterpart found in other AK models. 

The cast trunnion tends to wear down quickly, leading to a high risk of failures and malfunctions. 

Also, the RAS47’s gas piston is also a point of contention among users, with some reporting that it loosens over time.


A possible solution to these issues is replacing the cast trunnion with a milled or forged one. This would significantly improve the RAS47’s durability and reliability. 

As for the gas piston, it’s advisable to regularly check its tightness and adjust as necessary. If problems persist, consider replacing it with a more robust model. 

Regular maintenance and critical parts replacement are key in mitigating the fundamental flaws of the RAS47’s gas system.


The Century Arms RAS47, despite its widespread use and popularity, exhibits significant issues primarily tied to its gas system. 

The use of a cast trunnion, which is less durable than its milled or forged counterparts, leads to rapid wear and tear, increasing the risk of failure and malfunction. 

Similarly, the gas piston, reported by some users to loosen over time, presents another challenge. However, with adequate maintenance, regular checks, and replacement of key parts, it’s possible to mitigate these inherent flaws and improve the firearm’s reliability and longevity. 


Is Century Arms AK-47 any good?

The Century Arms AK-47, while facing some criticism due to its gas system, is a popular firearm. With proper maintenance and the replacement of key parts, it can prove to be a reliable and durable weapon.

Is the BFT47 a good gun?

Yes, the BFT47 is known for its solid build and high accuracy, making it a valued weapon among enthusiasts.

Which is better, AR-15 or AK-47?

The choice between an AR-15 and an AK-47 largely depends on the user’s preference. The AR 15 is appreciated for its accuracy and customization options, while the AK-47 is lauded for its durability and power.

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