15 Common Century Arms Vska Problems (Simple Fixes Added!)

The Century Arms Vska is a firearm known for its robust build and remarkable performance. However, like any other mechanical device, it has its share of problems that can arise over time or due to improper handling. 

In this guide, we will explore the 15 most common issues encountered by Century Arms Vska users, from simple malfunctions to more complex technical glitches. 

We’ll also offer some straightforward fixes that can help you keep your Vska in optimal working condition. Whether you’re a seasoned gun enthusiast or a beginner, this comprehensive guide to provide useful insights and practical solutions.

Century Arms Vska Problems

Century Arms Vska Problems

1. Failing Extractor Spring


The cause of the failing extractor spring in the Century Arms Vska is often due to excessive use or improper maintenance. 

Over time, the spring can wear down and lose its tension, making it unable to effectively remove cartridges from the firearm. 

Other times, exposure to harsh conditions or improper cleaning can cause the spring to become damaged or corroded.


To resolve this issue, the extractor spring should be replaced immediately upon noticing the problem. 

It’s important to always use high-quality, manufacturer-approved parts for replacements to ensure the longevity of the firearm. Regular cleaning and proper storage can also prevent future issues with the extractor spring. 

If the problem persists after replacing the spring, it may be an indication of a more serious issue within the firearm, and professional assistance may be required.

2. Inconsistent Ejection Patterns


The cause of inconsistent ejection patterns in the Century Arms Vska is often due to issues with the gas system. 

Over time, the parts of the gas system can wear out or become dirty, which affects the pressure and the ejection patterns. 

It’s also possible that the ejection issue is a result of a weak extractor spring or a worn extractor. Moreover, low-quality ammunition can cause inconsistent ejection patterns.


To address the inconsistent ejection patterns, you’ll need to check the gas system and the extractor thoroughly. 

Cleaning the gas system can help improve the ejection pattern consistency. If the extractor spring is weak, replacing it is recommended, and if the extractor is worn, it should be replaced as well. 

Lastly, try using high-quality ammunition. Sometimes the problem is as simple as poor-quality ammo not providing consistent pressure for each shot, leading to erratic ejection patterns.

3. Loose Magazine Fit


The issue of a loose magazine fit in Century Arms Vska may stem from repeated use, variations in magazine manufacture, or the inherent design of the firearm. 

Over time, the magazine catch may wear down due to frequent magazine changes, leading to a less secure fit. 

Besides, magazines from different manufacturers may have slight variations in size and shape that contribute to this issue. 

It’s important to remember that even the smallest deviation in size can affect the magazine’s fit and overall performance of the firearm.


Addressing the problem of a loose magazine fit involves two potential solutions: replacing the magazine or adjusting the magazine catch. 

If the issue arises from variations in magazine size, try different brands or models to find one that fits more securely. 

When the problem is due to a worn-out magazine catch, consider replacing or adjusting it for a tighter fit. 

Always ensure your firearm is unloaded before making any adjustments. A secure fit is vital for reliable feeding and overall performance.

4. Difficulty in Field Stripping


The difficulty in field stripping the Century Arms Vska often arises due to its distinctive design and assembly. 

Users unfamiliar with its unique construction may struggle to disassemble and reassemble it with ease, leading to an inconvenience during cleaning or maintenance tasks. 

A common issue is dealing with the rifle’s stubborn bolt carrier group and the gas tube, which are significantly challenging to remove or reinsert.


The solution to this problem lies in familiarization and practice. Spend time understanding the rifle’s structure and follow step-by-step field stripping guides. 

Invest in a comprehensive tool kit that is specifically designed for firearms; it can immensely simplify the process. 

Moreover, ensure that the rifle is regularly to prevent the buildup of grime and residue that can make disassembly harder. 

Over time, you will gain proficiency and the task of field stripping the Century Arms Vska will become second nature. Remember, patience and consistent practice are your best allies in mastering this skill.

5. Erratic Shot Placement


The erratic shot placement from the Century Arms Vska can be traced back to several factors. 

Firstly, the improper alignment of sights or poorly mounted optics could lead to inconsistencies in your shots’ placement. 

Secondly, the quality of ammunition used can also play a significant role. Low-grade or inconsistent ammunition can result in unpredictable shot placement.


Addressing this problem involves a few steps. Start by checking your sights or optics to ensure they are correctly installed and aligned. 

In some cases, you might need to seek professional help to get them properly mounted. Secondly, invest in high-quality ammunition. Good quality ammo can greatly improve the consistency of your shots. 

Finally, regular maintenance and cleaning of your firearm can help maintain its longevity and performance. 

This simple practice can often be overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in ensuring consistent shot placement.

6. Premature Wear on Bolt Carrier


Premature wear on the bolt carrier in Century Arms Vska Firearms could be due to a number of factors. 

Two of the most common causes are improper cleaning and the use of low-quality ammunition

Substandard ammunition may lack the consistent performance required for optimal firearm function, leading to unnecessary wear and tear. 

Meanwhile, neglecting to clean the firearm properly can lead to the buildup of debris which intensifies friction, causing premature wear on the bolt carrier.


The solution to premature wear on the bolt carrier is twofold: maintenance and ammunition quality

Regular and thorough cleaning of the firearm will ensure that debris does not accumulate, reducing friction and wear. Also, using high-quality ammunition can significantly reduce the rate of wear. 

Consequently, investing in good cleaning supplies and quality ammunition will extend the lifespan of your Century Arms Vska firearm.

7. Misaligned Gas Block


The misalignment of the gas block in a Century Arms Vska is often caused by improper assembly or manufacturing errors. 

The issue arises when the gas port on the barrel does not align correctly with the port on the gas block, obstructing the flow of gas and affecting the firearm’s operation. 

This is a common problem in firearms with adjustable gas systems. The misalignment can lead to inconsistent cycling rates and can cause undue wear and tear on the firearm’s internal components.


To fix a misaligned gas block, disassembly of the firearm is necessary. Start by removing the gas block and inspecting the alignment of the gas ports on both the barrel and gas block. 

If misalignment is found, realign the gas block with the gas port on the barrel and reassemble the firearm.

Always ensure the firearm is unloaded before undertaking any repairs. If you are not confident in your ability to perform this work, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional gunsmith

Regular maintenance checks and proper assembly can also prevent this issue from arising in the future.

8. Over Gassing Issues


The primary cause of over-gassing issues in Century Arms Vska firearms is typically related to the gun’s gas port size. 

The manufacturers often design these firearms with a sizeable gas port to ensure reliable cycling of ammunition under various conditions. 

However, this can result in an overabundance of gas being directed back into the action, leading to increased recoil, wear, and potentially premature failure of parts.


The most effective solution to over-gassing issues is to install an adjustable gas block. These adjustable blocks allow the shooter to manually control the amount of gas returned to the action, thereby mitigating the effects of over-gassing. 

It’s also advisable to have a professional gunsmith inspect the firearm to ensure there are no other underlying issues contributing to the problem. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning can also go a long way in preventing over-gassing and ensuring the longevity of your firearm.

9. Poor Quality Control


The main cause of the poor quality control in Century Arms Vska can be traced to the company’s mass production strategy. 

In trying to meet high demand, the company overlooked the necessary quality checks and inspections. 

This resulted in irregularities and inconsistencies in their products. As a result, many users have reported various issues ranging from minor inconveniences to major functional problems.

The consequences of skipping crucial inspection processes and compromising on quality checks have led to serious backlash and customer dissatisfaction.


To rectify these issues, Century Arms Vska needs to prioritize quality over quantity. This means slowing down production to ensure each product passes rigorous quality checks. 

The company should also invest in advanced quality control technology to detect any potential issues early.

Incorporating stringent quality control measures and using cutting-edge technology can significantly reduce the occurrence of these problems and improve overall customer satisfaction.

10. Inadequate Heat Treatment


The issue of inadequate heat treatment in Century Arms Vska can be traced back to the manufacturing process. 

During this process, certain parts of the guns, which are designed to withstand high levels of stress, are not properly heat-treated. 

The absence of appropriate heat treatment leaves these parts brittle and prone to breakage. This compromised structural strength directly affects the weapon’s reliability and lifespan.


To address the issue of inadequate heat treatment, the manufacturers need to ensure that the heat treatment process is carried out diligently, following all the required standards and protocols. 

This could involve investing in better quality control mechanisms and training for the staff involved in the production process. 

Regular inspections and audits can also help in identifying and rectifying any problems at an early stage.

11. Unreliable Safety Selector


The unreliability of the Safety Selector in Century Arms Vska can be attributed to its design and manufacturing inconsistencies. 

Often, it’s the result of a loosely fitted selector switch that can unintentionally move from ‘safe’ to ‘fire’ mode, creating a hazardous situation for the user. 

This problem may also be aggravated by substandard material quality, which can cause premature wear and tear of the component.


Resolving this issue requires a two-fold approach. Firstly, it’s important to check the fitting of the Safety Selector during routine maintenance and ensure it securely toggles between its designated positions. 

Secondly, consider replacing the component with a more durable and reliable one from a recognized aftermarket manufacturer. 

Ensure to choose a selector switch that is specifically designed for the Vska, to guarantee compatibility and functionality.

12. Inefficient Recoil Buffer


The VSKA rifle from Century Arms has been reported to have an inefficient recoil buffer. This issue primarily stems from a lack of proper sturdiness in the buffer’s design. 

The recoil buffer’s subpar-quality material and lack of adequate reinforcement can lead to rapid wear and tear. 

This results in an uncomfortable shooting experience, particularly during rapid firing, and can even lead to damage to the rifle’s internal components over time.


The common solution to the Century Arms VSKA’s recoil buffer issue is a replacement with a higher quality buffer

This involves substituting the original buffer with a more robust and resilient one, designed to withstand the pressures of rapid firing. 

Ensuring the replacement buffer is made of durable materials and incorporating adequate reinforcement will significantly improve the rifle’s overall performance and longevity, providing a smoother and more comfortable shooting experience.

13. Faulty Front Trunnion


The main cause of a faulty front trunnion in Century Arms VSKA rifles is typically poor metallurgy processes. 

This often leads to low-quality metal, which can crack or fail under the strain of repeated firing. 

Additionally, improper heat treatment during manufacturing can cause excessive wear and tear, leading to the premature degradation of the front trunnion.


The most effective solution to this issue is to replace the faulty front trunnion with a high-quality one, preferably made from properly heat-treated steel. 

It’s also imperative to ensure that the rifle is routinely maintained and checked for wear and tear

In serious cases, you might have to consult a professional gunsmith to check the entire weapon system, replace the faulty part, and ensure that no further damage has been done.

14. Excessive Recoil


The excessive recoil in Century Arms Vska firearms can often be attributed to the gun’s lightweight design and potent 7.62x39mm cartridge. 

This combination can make the recoil seem more intense compared to other similar firearms. This excessive recoil can interfere with the shooter’s aim and make the firearm uncomfortable to use.


One effective solution to mitigate the excessive recoil is the use of a recoil pad or a muzzle brake. 

Recoil pads can be attached to the buttstock of the firearm to absorb some of the recoil before it is transmitted to the shooter. 

Muzzle brakes, on the other hand, can be attached to the muzzle of the gun and work by redirecting the gases released when the firearm is discharged. 

This action can reduce the backward force of the recoil, making the firearm more comfortable to shoot and improving the shooter’s accuracy.

15. Inaccurate Iron Sights


The inaccuracy of the iron sights in Century Arms Vska models can be traced back to several reasons. The most common reason is the improper alignment of the rear and front sights. 

This could be due to faulty manufacturing processes or damage incurred during use. Besides, wear and tear over time or excessive recoil can cause the sights to become misaligned, decreasing the accuracy of your shots.


The solution to this problem is relatively straightforward but requires attention to detail. One should start by checking the alignment of the iron sights

This can be done visually or using a special alignment tool. If the alignment is off, it can be corrected manually by tightening or loosening the appropriate screws. 

If the iron sights are damaged or excessively worn, it might be necessary to replace them entirely

Always remember to test your adjustments at a shooting range to ensure the accuracy of your shots.


Wrapping up our discussion on Century Arms VSKA problems, it’s clear that while this firearm does have its strengths, there have been significant issues raised by users. 

The reliability and durability of the VSKA are commendable, but the reported problems such as firing pin breakages and magazine compatibility issues cannot be ignored. 

Despite these challenges, Century Arms has shown commitment to resolving these issues and improving the product, which is a testament to their customer service. 

However, potential customers should be aware of these possible complications before making a purchase. 

Ultimately, the decision will depend on the individual’s personal requirements and tolerance for risk. It’s crucial to weigh these factors against the benefits and drawbacks, in order to make an informed decision.


What problems does the VSKA have?

The VSKA has reported problems such as firing pin breakages and issues with magazine compatibility. While these are not universal issues, enough users have reported them to warrant concern.

Is the VSKA a good gun?

The VSKA’s reliability and durability have been commended, but the reported problems it experiences make it a choice that depends heavily on an individual’s tolerance for risk and personal requirements.

Is Century Arms AK-47 any good?

Yes, the Century Arms AK-47 has earned a good reputation for its robustness and reliability. However, potential buyers should consider specific model issues before purchasing.

What type of AK is a VSKA?

The VSKA is a type of AK-47, specifically designed and manufactured by Century Arms. It is a modern version of the classic firearm, built with a focus on durability and reliability.

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