15 Common Colt King Cobra Target Problems

The Colt King Cobra Target is a renowned firearm in the shooting world, lauded for its precision and reliability.

However, like any mechanical device, it’s not without its share of problems.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the common Colt King Cobra Target Problems, shedding light on potential issues you may encounter.

We aim to equip you with the knowledge to troubleshoot these Colt King Cobra Target Problems effectively, ensuring your shooting experience remains nothing short of exceptional.

Colt King Cobra Target Problems

Colt King Cobra Target Problems

The Colt King Cobra Target is generally well-regarded for its accuracy and quality. However, some users have reported issues involving trigger pull, reporting it to be somewhat heavy.

Others have pointed out that the high gloss finish is prone to scratching, which may affect the revolver’s aesthetic appeal over time.

These concerns, while relatively minor, are worth considering if you’re looking to invest in this firearm.

1. Trigger Creep Issue


The trigger creep in Colt King Cobra Target could be due to a combination of factors such as wear and tear of the sear and hammer interfaces, inadequate lubrication, or a heavily compressed trigger spring

These issues can result in an unsmooth and inconsistent trigger pull, commonly referred to as trigger creep.


To rectify this, a professional gunsmith could polish the sear and hammer surfaces, ensuring they’re devoid of any burrs or rough spots that could be causing the problem

Further, regular maintenance and proper lubrication could reduce friction and yield a smoother trigger pull. In some cases, replacing a worn-out trigger spring with a new one might be the best solution. 

Remember, always consult a professional for firearm-related issues to ensure safety.

2. Cylinder Alignment Problem


The Cylinder Alignment issue in the Colt King Cobra Target could be attributed to the timing being off. 

This problem arises when the cylinder doesn’t rotate enough to fully align with the barrel. 

If the timing is off, the forcing cone will scrape the bullet as it tries to enter the barrel, affecting accuracy.

The issue of cylinder alignment is usually a direct result of improper timing. 

This misalignment can cause the gun to shoot inaccurately.


To solve the Cylinder Alignment problem, you may need to adjust the hand — the part that turns the cylinder. 

If the hand is too short or worn, it may not rotate the cylinder enough. However, making adjustments to a revolver’s timing is a delicate process and should be done by a professional gunsmith.

It is crucial to get the revolver checked by a professional gunsmith. 

They have the necessary tools and knowledge to delicately adjust the timing and correct the cylinder alignment.

3. Hammer Spring Tension


The hammer spring tension in a Colt King Cobra can become problematic if it is either too loose or too tight. 

In most cases, issues arise from a loose spring, which fails to provide the necessary force to strike the firing pin correctly. 

This can lead to misfiring and other performance issues with your firearm.


The best way to rectify this problem is by adjusting the spring tension to the optimal level. 

This involves disassembling the gun, replacing the faulty spring with a new one, or simply tightening it if it has become too loose. 

Always ensure to follow safe handling procedures when working on your firearm, or better yet, consider consulting with a professional gunsmith to avoid any potential mishaps.

4. Barrel Erosion


Barrel erosion in the Colt King Cobra Target is often the result of high-frequency shooting and inadequate maintenance. 

High-velocity rounds and hot gases from the gunpowder can wear down the barrel over time, leading to a less precise shot.

Proper gun maintenance and occasional usage can significantly decrease barrel erosion.


To address barrel erosion, a professional gunsmith should examine and repair the firearm. 

They may apply a method known as ‘re-rifling’ to restore the gun barrel’s interior. 

Moreover, using quality ammunition and cleaning the gun regularly can also help address barrel erosion.

5. Grip Comfort Issue


The primary issue with the Colt King Cobra’s grip comfort stems from its design, which may not cater to all hand sizes. 

The grip is reportedly larger and bulkier, making it difficult for people with smaller hands to hold and operate the revolver comfortably. 

This can lead to decreased accuracy and control while shooting.


A potential solution to this problem is replacing the standard grip with a custom grip that is more tailored to the individual’s hand size. 

Manufacturers offer a range of grip sizes and materials, which could significantly enhance comfort. 

Proper training to hold and operate the revolver can also alleviate some of the discomfort. 

While this may involve an additional investment, it is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and safe shooting experience.

6. Cylinder Latch Malfunction


The Cylinder Latch Malfunction in the Colt King Cobra Target could be due to excessive use, dust accumulation, or mechanical wear and tear. 

The components may have become misaligned or the latch spring may have weakened with time, causing the latch to become unresponsive.


The solution involves carefully inspecting the latch mechanism for any visible signs of damage or excessive wear. 

If there’s a visible defect, replacing the parts will be necessary. Regular cleaning and lubrication can also help mitigate this issue. 

As always, for any serious maintenance and repair work, it’s best to leave the job to a qualified gunsmith.

7. Firing Pin Failure


The Firing Pin Failure in Colt King Cobra Target is often due to factors such as overuse, buildup of dirt or grime, or a weakened spring. 

Over time, the firing pin might begin to wear, rust, or break, leading to inconsistent performance or complete failure.


To resolve a Firing Pin Failure, conduct a thorough inspection of the firing pin and its corresponding components

If visible wear or damage is identified, replacement of the firing pin is recommended. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and grime, along with proper lubrication, is essential to maintain the optimal performance of the firing pin. 

For significant repairs, it is advised to consult a professional gunsmith.

8. Timing Issues


The root cause of timing issues in the Colt King Cobra Target can largely be traced back to excessive wear and tear or a buildup of dirt and grime in the firearm’s mechanism. 

Over time, these factors can degrade the synchronicity between the trigger pull and the cylinder’s rotation, leading to problematic timing.

Key takeaways: Wear and tear and accumulation of dirt can disrupt the synchronicity between trigger pull and cylinder rotation.


Addressing timing issues involves two primary steps: cleaning and regular maintenance. 

First, thoroughly clean the revolver to remove any dirt or grime. 

This can significantly improve timing accuracy. 

Second, regular and preventative maintenance, including professional servicing when necessary, can keep the firearm in optimal condition and prevent timing issues from developing in the first place.

Key takeaways: Thorough cleaning and regular maintenance can effectively address and prevent timing issues in the Colt King Cobra Target.

9. Inaccurate Sight Adjustment


Inaccuracy in sight adjustment is a common issue faced by many Colt King Cobra Target users. 

This problem usually arises from various factors such as improper alignment of the sights, the use of inappropriate sighting techniques, or simply the sights being off from the factory. 

An inaccurate sight not only affects the shooter’s accuracy but can also pose potential safety risks.


Addressing this issue involves checking the alignment of the sights, practicing proper sighting techniques, and if necessary, obtaining professional help. 

You can start by inspecting the sights for alignment. If the sights are misaligned, you can adjust them by carefully following the user manual instructions. 

Practicing proper sighting techniques and getting consistent with them is another crucial step. 

If the issue persists, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional gunsmith or the manufacturer’s customer service. 

Remember, safety should always be the priority when handling firearms.

10. Poor Ejection System


The Colt King Cobra Target revolver may present an issue with its ejection system due to the accumulation of debris or due to a malfunctioning ejector rod. 

Over time, this can result in a less efficient, slower, or even non-functioning ejection of cartridges.


The ideal solution to this problem involves regular and thorough cleaning after use to prevent the buildup of debris. 

Moreover, if the ejector rod is malfunctioning, it may require repair or replacement from a professional gunsmith. 

Regular maintenance, proper cleaning, and professional intervention when necessary are key to resolving ejection system issues.

11. Difficult Cylinder Rotation


The issue of difficult cylinder rotation in the Colt King Cobra Target can often be attributed to a build-up of grime or residue in the cylinder chambers or on the extractor star. 

Over time, this accumulation can impede the smooth rotation of the cylinder, making the operation of the revolver more challenging.


To resolve this issue, a thorough cleaning of the cylinder chambers and the extractor star is recommended. 

By using a quality gun cleaning solvent and a nylon brush, you can effectively remove any build-up. 

It’s crucial to ensure that these parts are kept clean and well-lubricated to maintain the revolver’s performance. 

Regular maintenance can significantly reduce the likelihood of difficult cylinder rotation and enhance the overall functionality of your Colt King Cobra Target.

12. Extractor Rod Malfunction


The cause of an extractor rod malfunction generally lies in prolonged use without proper maintenance, leading to the buildup of dirt and debris. 

This buildup can disrupt the normal functioning of the extractor rod, causing issues during the extraction and ejection of spent cartridges. 

Frequent cleaning and maintenance can prevent this common issue.


The solution to an extractor rod malfunction typically involves thorough cleaning and, if necessary, replacement of the extractor rod. 

First, disassemble the revolver and carefully clean the extractor rod and cylinder using a suitable firearm-cleaning solution. 

If the problem persists, consider seeking professional assistance for possible replacement of the extractor rod. 

Remember, trying to force the extractor rod can further damage the firearm, so it’s crucial to proceed with caution.

13. Inconsistent Ammunition Feed


The Colt King Cobra Target could be experiencing an inconsistent ammunition feed due to a variety of reasons. 

First and foremost, the issue could be stemming from the use of poor-quality or incorrect ammunition. Overuse without proper cleaning and maintenance could also lead to this problem. 

The gun’s internal mechanism might have gathered dust or debris, hampering the smooth feed of the ammunition.


To resolve this ammunition feed issue, ensure that you are using the correct and high-quality ammunition for your Colt King Cobra Target. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the firearm is also a crucial step in preventing and resolving this issue. 

Proper cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of the gun’s components can greatly improve its performance

Lastly, if the problem persists, it may be necessary to seek professional help from a certified gunsmith or the manufacturer’s service center.

14. Safety Mechanism Flaw


The safety mechanism flaw in the Colt King Cobra Target stems from a design malfunction in the internal lockwork. 

This fault often results in an accidental discharge of the firearm, even when the hammer is not manually cocked. 

The main cause of this safety flaw is a compromised internal safety detent spring. Over time, wear and tear can lead to the spring’s failure, disabling the safety feature.


The solution to this safety mechanism flaw involves a thorough inspection and repair or replacement of the faulty components. 

One crucial step is replacing the compromised safety detent spring with a new, high-quality spring to restore the safety function. 

Regular maintenance and inspection of the firearm can also prevent such safety flaws, ensuring the Colt King Cobra Target operates safely and effectively.

15. Frame Cracking Over Time


The King Cobra Target’s frame cracking is primarily attributed to the substantial recoil forces exerted during firing. 

Over time, these forces can lead to the formation of stress fractures within the frame, eventually resulting in visible cracks. 

The use of high-pressure cartridges can accelerate this process, inflicting additional stress on the firearm’s frame.


The most effective solution to this issue is regular maintenance and inspection. 

Thoroughly inspecting the firearm after each use can help identify any early signs of stress fractures, allowing for timely intervention. 

For severe cracks, professional repair or replacement of the frame is recommended. 

Avoid using high-pressure cartridges to minimize the stress exerted on the frame, thus prolonging the firearm’s lifespan.


In conclusion, the Colt King Cobra Target, while an excellent revolver in terms of precision and power, does present some potential issues.

Its heavy trigger pull might be a concern for those who prefer a lighter, smoother action. 

Furthermore, individuals with smaller hands might find their large grip somewhat challenging to handle. 

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Colt King Cobra Target remains a reliable choice for firearm enthusiasts, particularly for those focused on target shooting. 

However, like any firearm, it requires regular maintenance and careful handling to ensure its optimal performance.


What frame is the Colt King Cobra target?

The Colt King Cobra Target features a stainless steel frame, offering durability and resistance to corrosion.

How long is a Colt King Cobra target?

The Colt King Cobra Target has a total length of 9.25 inches, with a barrel length of 4.25 inches.

Is the Colt King Cobra a good gun

Yes, the Colt King Cobra is renowned for its accuracy and reliability, making it a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts.

How much does a King Cobra target weight?

The King Cobra Target weighs approximately 36 ounces, providing a comfortable balance for precision shooting.

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