12 Common Savage 110 Elite Precision Problems (With Fixes!)

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Savage 110 Elite Precision Problems

Savage 110 Elite Precision Problems

The Savage 110 Elite Precision is generally well-regarded, but it hasn’t been immune to some issues.

Users have reported problems with the adjustable stock, noting that it can sometimes be unstable and hard to lock in place.

The weight of the rifle, although beneficial for recoil management, can be burdensome for long periods of use.

1. Trigger Sensitivity Issues


The Savage 110 Elite Precision often faces issues with trigger sensitivity due to prolonged use, dust accumulation, or improper maintenance. 

Over time, these factors might cause the trigger mechanism to become unresponsive or overly sensitive, impacting the firearm’s performance and the user’s safety.

Proper maintenance and regular servicing are essential to avoid this problem. 

Dust accumulation, if unattended, can seriously tamper with the trigger sensitivity.


The solution to trigger sensitivity issues lies in regular cleaning and timely servicing. Use a high-quality firearm cleaner to remove dust and grime from the trigger assembly. 

If the problem persists, consider replacing the trigger mechanism or seeking assistance from a professional gunsmith.

Regular cleaning and professional servicing can greatly enhance the durability and performance of your Savage 110 Elite Precision. 

Never neglect the importance of a well-maintained trigger mechanism.

2. Inconsistent Accuracy


The main contributor to the inconsistent accuracy of the Savage 110 Elite Precision might be related to the ammunition used or the rifling of the barrel. 

Different brands of ammunition can produce different levels of accuracy because the weight and shape of the bullet can affect its flight trajectory. 

Further, any minor imperfections in the rifling of the barrel could lead to inconsistent bullet spin, which can impact accuracy.


To enhance the accuracy of the Savage 110 Elite Precision, try experimenting with various brands of ammunition to identify which works best for your rifle. 

The proper pairing of ammunition to your specific rifle can result in improved accuracy. Also, consider having your rifle professionally inspected and cleaned to ensure the barrel rifling is free of any defects. 

Routine maintenance and care can significantly improve the overall performance and accuracy of your firearm.

3. Ejection Malfunctions


Ejection malfunctions in the Savage 110 Elite Precision are often attributed to extractor and ejector issues. 

Over time, repetitive shooting can lead to wear and tear of the extractor or ejector, causing weak or irregular ejection of the spent cases. 

Similarly, dirt, grime, or debris accumulated inside the extractor or ejector grooves can hinder their proper functioning, resulting in ejection failures.

Key takeaway: The extractor and ejector’s wear and tear, as well as dirt accumulation, are predominant causes of ejection malfunctions.


The remedial measures for ejection malfunctions involve careful inspection and cleaning of the bolt, specifically the extractor and ejector. 

Regular maintenance ensures the removal of any debris that might be obstructing the ejection mechanism.

If wear is identified, the extractor or ejector should be replaced immediately. In case of persistent issues, professional gunsmith service is advisable.

Key takeaway: Regular maintenance, part replacement in case of wear, and seeking professional help if needed, are crucial in addressing ejection malfunctions.

4. Difficulty in Bolt Operation


The difficulty in bolt operation can be primarily attributed to the accumulation of grime and residue, which often results from extended use without proper cleaning. 

It might also be due to the misalignment of the assembly parts, which can occur over time or due to improper reassembly after maintenance. 

Regular cleaning and careful reassembly are crucial to maintaining the smooth operation of the bolt.


A comprehensive solution involves regular and thorough cleaning to remove the built-up residue. 

Additionally, ensure proper alignment during reassembly. If the issue persists, it’s recommended to consult a professional or the manufacturer for further advice. 

Regular maintenance, correct reassembly, and professional consultation, when needed, are the keys to resolving bolt operation difficulties.

5. Stock Rigidity Problems


The primary cause of stock rigidity problems in the Savage 110 Elite Precision often lies in the material and design of the stock itself. 

Certain materials, such as light polymers, may not provide the required rigidity, leading to instability during shooting. 

Furthermore, inappropriate design elements such as a slim, elongated shape may contribute to this issue.

The main culprits often are the material of the stock and its design. Stock instability during shooting can significantly affect accuracy.


A potential solution to mitigate stock rigidity problems is to invest in a more robust and stiff aftermarket stock. 

Look for materials known for their rigidity, such as reinforced composites. 

Also, consider stocks with a design emphasizing stability, like those with a wider, more substantial base.

Investing in an aftermarket stock made of rigid materials can improve stability. A design emphasizing stability can significantly enhance shooting accuracy.

6. Barrel Heating Issues


The primary cause of barrel heating in the Savage 110 Elite Precision is often due to rapid-fire shooting. 

The barrel heats up because of the heat generated by the gunpowder combustion, which not only moves the bullet but also creates an exothermic reaction. 

The more rounds fired in quick succession, the less time the barrel has to cool down, creating a build-up of heat.

Rapid-fire shooting, gunpowder combustion, and lack of cooling time are the primary contributors to barrel heating.


To address barrel heating issues, it’s recommended to pace your shooting. Give the gun enough time to cool down between each shot, and you’ll find that your barrel won’t have a chance to overheat.

Also, it can be beneficial to use a barrel cooling device, such as the “barrel cooler” attachment for the Savage 110 Elite Precision. 

This device helps draw out heat from the barrel and dissipate it faster than relying on natural cooling.

7. Recoil Management Difficulties


The cause of recoil management difficulties with the Savage 110 Elite Precision rifle is often tied to the rifle’s lightweight design. 

While this feature enhances portability, it also means that the rifle absorbs less of the recoil force. 

Moreover, the factory-installed muzzle brake may not efficiently distribute the backward force of the shot, contributing to the issue.


The solution to this issue involves the installation of a high-quality aftermarket muzzle brake. This device will efficiently distribute the recoil force, minimizing the backward kick experienced by the shooter. 

Another option is the use of recoil pads, which can absorb a significant portion of the recoil energy. 

By upgrading the muzzle brake and using a recoil pad, shooters can better manage the recoil of the Savage 110 Elite Precision and enjoy a smoother shooting experience.

8. Subpar Scope Mounting System


The Savage 110 Elite Precision is widely recognized for its performance, but it has been criticized for its subpar scope mounting system. 

The mounting system does not provide the solid, reliable connection between the rifle and the scope that users expect. 

This could lead to inconsistent accuracy, which compromises the entire shooting experience. For precision shooting, a robust, stable mount is essential.

The weakness arises due to the use of lower-quality materials and lackluster design. The mounting system simply doesn’t hold the scope firmly enough, leading to a loss of zero under recoil.


To remedy this situation, users could consider investing in aftermarket scope mounts. 

These are usually constructed with superior materials and provide a more secure fit, thereby enhancing the overall stability and reliability of the scope. 

It is crucial to select a highly rated, well-reviewed mount to ensure optimal performance. Also, professional installation is recommended to ensure a snug fit and proper alignment, which are both critical for maintaining consistent

9. Limited Magazine Capacity


The limited magazine capacity in the Savage 110 Elite Precision is often attributed to the design choice made by the manufacturer to ensure reliability and precision. 

However, this can hinder the rifle’s usage in situations that require rapid repeated firing. 

The factory standard magazine for the Savage 110 Elite Precision typically holds a limited number of rounds.


To address this problem, one common solution is to purchase aftermarket magazines with increased capacity. 

These are available from a variety of manufacturers and often offer significantly higher round counts. Before purchasing, it’s essential to ensure the magazine is compatible with the rifle, both in terms of caliber and physical fit. 

Another potential solution is to carry extra standard magazines and practice quick reloading techniques. 

This can offset the limitation to an extent, but increases the equipment weight and requires routine practice.

10. Weight and Balance Issues


The weight and balance issues with the Savage 110 Elite Precision rifle are primarily due to its substantial weight. 

The rifle’s heft, while contributing to stability during firing, can result in difficulty in handling for extended periods. 

This is particularly problematic for hunters or shooters covering large distances.

The imbalance comes from the uneven weight distribution, particularly with the added weight of certain attachments.


The solution lies in adjusting the rifle’s balance through customization. By changing the stock or adding a counterbalance weight, users can achieve a better balance. 

It’s also beneficial to practice holding and aiming the rifle to improve handling over time. Remember, comfort with the weapon can significantly impact the overall shooting experience.

11. Not Suitable for All Weather Conditions


The Savage 110 Elite Precision is not fully weatherproof, leading to potential performance issues in extreme conditions. 

This is primarily because the metal parts of the rifle are susceptible to rust in humid or wet conditions, while the gun’s accuracy could be affected in extreme cold.


To overcome these issues, regular maintenance is crucial. After each use, the rifle should be cleaned and lubricated to prevent rust and corrosion.

Investing in a good quality gun oil can extend the lifespan of your firearm significantly. Furthermore, using a thermal cover can maintain the rifle’s temperature in cold weather, thus ensuring consistent performance. 

Remember, proper and regular care can dramatically increase the durability and lifespan of your Savage 110 Elite Precision.

12. Limited Aftermarket Customization Options


The Savage 110 Elite Precision rifle, while excellent in terms of performance, suffers from limited aftermarket customization options. 

This is largely due to the unique specifications of its design that may not be compatible with most aftermarket parts. 

This issue limits the ability of users to personalize or enhance the functionality of the rifle to their preference.

The unique design specifications make it difficult for third-party companies to manufacture compatible parts. 

This lack of compatibility restricts users from tailoring the rifle to their specific needs, leading to potential dissatisfaction.


A viable solution to this issue would be for Savage Arms, the manufacturer, to either broaden its own range of accessories or collaborate with aftermarket companies to develop compatible parts. 

By widening the spectrum of customization options, user satisfaction can be significantly improved. 

This strategy will not only enhance the overall user experience but also solidify the brand’s position in the market by catering to a wider audience with diverse needs.


In summary, despite the Savage 110 Elite Precision rifle’s outstanding performance, the limited aftermarket customization options present a considerable drawback. 

The distinct design parameters, while advantageous in terms of product uniqueness, inadvertently restrict the user’s ability to modify the rifle according to personal preference. 

The solution lies in Savage Arms taking a proactive approach. 

By either expanding their range of accessories or partnering with third-party companies to produce compatible additions, they can significantly improve user satisfaction. 

This approach not only enhances the user experience but also serves to secure a broader market position for the brand, making it appealing to a wider spectrum of users with diverse customization needs. 

Balancing the uniqueness of design with user adaptability will be key to future success.


How accurate is the 110 Elite Precision?

The 110 Elite Precision is renowned for its exceptional accuracy, largely attributed to its AccuTrigger and AccuFit system.

How good is the Savage 110 Elite Precision?

The Savage 110 Elite Precision is a high-quality rifle known for its precision, durability, and unique features like the adjustable AccuTrigger and AccuFit system.

Is the Savage 110 reliable?

The Savage 110 is celebrated for its reliability and consistent performance in diverse conditions.

Are Savage rifles reliable?

Yes, Savage rifles have a longstanding reputation for reliability and precision, making them a favored choice among shooting enthusiasts and professionals.

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