15 Common Savage A22 magnum problems (With Fixes!)

The Savage A22 Magnum is a popular firearm, known for its precision and reliability.

However, like any complex mechanical device, it may present certain issues occasionally.

This article aims to address Savage A22 Magnum problems, ensuring firearm enthusiasts can maintain the optimum performance of their A22 Magnum.

From troubleshooting common issues to preventive maintenance tips, we provide comprehensive guidance for every A22 Magnum owner.

Savage A22 magnum problems

Savage A22 magnum problems

The Savage A22 Magnum is generally well-regarded for its accuracy and reliability; however, some users have reported occasional issues.

One common problem is related to its magazine design, which can sometimes be hard to load and may cause feeding issues.

Additionally, there could be instances of misfires or failure to eject spent casings, largely due to ammunition inconsistency. Regular maintenance and using quality ammunition can often mitigate these problems.

Inconsistent Firing Pin Strikes


The primary cause of inconsistent firing pin strikes can be a result of a worn or damaged firing pin, debris within the firing pin channel, or a weak firing pin spring. 

Frequent use or improper cleaning methods can lead to such issues.


The most effective solution is to first examine the firing pin

Replace it if it appears worn or damaged. If the pin is intact, clean the firing pin channel thoroughly to remove any potential blockages. 

If neither of these methods works, consider replacing the firing pin spring. Regular maintenance and proper cleaning techniques can prevent such issues from occurring in the future.

Frequent Misfires


One of the main causes of frequent misfires in Savage A22 magnums can be attributed to poor maintenance of the firearm. 

A build-up of residue in the firing pin channel can inhibit the pin’s movement, leading to inconsistent strikes and consequent misfires. 

Additionally, usage of low-quality ammunition could also result in frequent misfires. These rounds may have inconsistent primer compounds that fail to ignite reliably.


To combat this issue, regular and thorough cleaning of the firearm, especially the bolt assembly and firing pin channel, is crucial. 

Ensuring the firing pin is clean and can move freely can significantly reduce the chance of misfires

Also, investing in higher-quality ammunition can also potentially alleviate this problem. Remember, the choice of ammunition plays a substantial role in the performance of your firearm.

Difficulty in Magazine Loading


The primary cause behind the difficulty in loading the magazine of a Savage A22 Magnum can be attributed to a design flaw. 

Many users have reported that the magazine’s lips are too tight, making it challenging to load .22 WMR rounds. 

The spring tension in the magazine may also contribute to this problem.

The magazine’s tight lips and high spring tension hinder the easy loading of rounds.


A simple solution to this issue would be to carefully and gently widen the lips of the magazine using a small screwdriver or similar tool. 

However, this must be done with caution to avoid damaging the magazine further. Moreover, over time, the spring tension may decrease with use, facilitating easier loading.

Gently widening the magazine lips and regular use can help alleviate the loading issue.

Issues with Ejection


The ejection problems in the Savage A22 Magnum are often linked to the design of the rifle’s ejection mechanism. 

Particularly, the extractor might not have enough tension to hold the cartridge properly, or the ejector might not be hitting the cartridge at the correct angle to toss it clear of the action.

Key points: The ejection issues are typically due to the design of the ejection mechanism. 

Problems with either the extractor or ejector can lead to ejection failures.


Adjusting the extractor for more tension and aligning the ejector for a better angle can resolve these issues. 

Once these adjustments are made, the rifle should perform better. However, if the problem persists, it is recommended to take the rifle to a qualified gunsmith or return it to the manufacturer for repairs.

Key points: Adjusting the extractor and ejector can often solve the problem. If not, professional servicing or returning the product to the manufacturer is advised.

Unreliable Feed Mechanism


In the Savage A22 Magnum, an unreliable feed mechanism is typically caused by a faulty magazine design or improper handling of the firearm. 

The feed mechanism could fail to pick up cartridges from the magazine, resulting in misfires or jams. 

This issue can be exacerbated by prolonged use and inadequate maintenance of the firearm.


The solution to an unreliable feed mechanism lies in careful handling and correct usage of the firearm. 

Regular cleaning and proper storage can significantly improve the functionality of the feed mechanism. 

For persistent issues, consider replacing the stock magazine with a high-quality aftermarket magazine designed for improved reliability. 

Regular inspections by a professional gunsmith can also help identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate.

Trigger Malfunctions


The most common cause of trigger malfunctions in a Savage A22 Magnum is often related to dirt and debris accumulation within the trigger mechanism. 

Over time, this can interfere with the smooth functioning of the trigger assembly.

It is important to note that neglecting regular maintenance and cleaning can lead to major trigger malfunctions. 

Also, using the firearm in harsh conditions can accelerate the accumulation of debris.


The optimal solution to resolve trigger malfunctions is a thorough cleaning of the trigger assembly. If the problem persists, it may be due to worn-out components, in which case part replacement is advised.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial to avoid trigger malfunctions. 

Always ensure to check the trigger assembly for worn-out parts regularly and replace them promptly to maintain the smooth operation of your Savage A22 Magnum.

High Rate of Jamming


One of the primary reasons for the high rate of jamming in the Savage A22 Magnum is due to issues with the rifle’s extraction mechanism. 

This problem is often observed when the cycle rate is too fast, which leads to a misalignment between the extractor and the cartridge, causing frequent jams. 

Another potential cause is the use of substandard or incorrect ammunition, which can significantly affect the firearm’s functionality.


To address these issues, the first step would be to thoroughly clean and maintain the rifle, ensuring that the extraction mechanism is in optimal condition. 

Using high-quality and correct ammunition is another crucial aspect of solving this problem. 

If the jamming persists even after these corrective measures, it might be necessary to consult with a professional gunsmith or consider a mechanical revision of the weapon.

Inaccurate Zeroing


The problem of inaccurate zeroing with the Savage A22 Magnum typically arises due to a misalignment between the scope and the firearm’s barrel. 

This issue often results from improper scope installation or insufficient adjustments, which can lead to incorrect calculations of windage and elevation.


To combat this problem, it is suggested to realign the scope with the barrel. This can be achieved by using a bore sighter, which helps to calibrate the firearm more accurately. 

Additionally, regular maintenance and checking of your scope’s adjustments for windage and elevation can ensure more precise zeroing. 

Remember, consistency in your firing setup is key to maintaining accurate zeroing.

Faulty Safety Switch


The safety switch issue in the Savage A22 Magnum typically arises due to wear and tear over time, or improper maintenance. 

A faulty safety switch can prevent the firearm from firing when the trigger is pulled, even if the safety is disengaged. 

This may lead to a false sense of security and possible mishandling of the firearm, with potentially dangerous consequences.

Note: Regular maintenance and careful usage can help prevent the safety switch from wearing out prematurely.


The most effective solution for a faulty safety switch is to replace it. However, this should only be performed by a qualified gunsmith to ensure correct installation and operation. The Savage Arms company also offers repair and maintenance services. If your firearm is still under warranty, it is advisable to contact them directly for assistance.

Remember: Never attempt to repair a faulty safety switch on your own if you do not have the necessary expertise and tools. It is always safer to seek professional help.

Inadequate Firing Pin Spring Tension


The problem of inadequate firing pin spring tension primarily arises due to prolonged usage or manufacturing defects. 

Over time, the tension in the spring can decrease, leading to inconsistent strikes on the primer, which either results in a misfire or light strikes that aren’t powerful enough to discharge the round.

Key Factors: Prolonged Usage, Manufacturing Defects, Decreased Tension.


Addressing inadequate firing pin spring tension necessitates replacing the worn-out or defective spring with a new, high-quality one. 

It’s advised to consult with a firearms expert or a professional gunsmith to ensure proper installation and mitigate potential risks associated with handling firearm components.

Key Solutions: Replacement, Consultation with a Firearms Expert, Proper Installation.

Complicated Disassembly Process


The Savage A22 Magnum’s disassembly process is inherently complicated due to its intricate interior setup and the absence of detailed instructions from the manufacturer. 

Certain main components, such as the bolt assembly and trigger mechanism, are closely integrated, making them difficult to separate without specialized knowledge.

The intricate setup and lack of clear instructions contribute significantly to this complexity. 

The bolt assembly and trigger mechanism’s close integration pose a challenge even for experienced firearm enthusiasts.


To address this issue, firearm enthusiasts are advised to consult advanced user manuals or professional firearm technicians for guidance. 

Additionally, continuous practice and familiarity with the firearm’s structure can also help ease the disassembly process.

Consulting advanced user manuals and professional technicians can be invaluable in navigating the disassembly process. 

Over time, continuous practice and increased familiarity with the firearm’s structure can significantly simplify the process.

Sub-Par Barrel Quality


The main cause of sub-par barrel quality in the Savage A22 Magnum lies in the manufacturing process. 

Often, the barrels are mass-produced, leading to inconsistencies in the rifling process. 

This can result in reduced accuracy when shooting, a critical factor, especially for hunters or competitive shooters.

The primary manufacturing process, inconsistent rifling, and reduced shooting accuracy are some of the key issues contributing to the sub-par barrel quality.


To overcome this problem, employing a meticulous quality control process during manufacturing is critical. 

This involves thorough visual inspection and precision measurement of each barrel to ensure uniformity. 

Also, investing in a higher-quality barrel made from premium materials can significantly enhance the firearm’s performance and longevity.

Implementing strict quality control, precision measurement, and using premium materials for the barrel can drastically improve the issue of sub-par barrel quality.

Wear and Tear of Bolt Assembly


The cause of wear and tear in the bolt assembly of the Savage A22 Magnum can be attributed to extensive use and lack of proper maintenance. 

Regular use of the firearm without routine cleaning and oiling can lead to the accumulation of dirt and grit. 

This buildup may cause unnecessary friction, resulting in wear and tear of the bolt assembly.


The solution to prevent wear and tear of the bolt assembly involves regular and proper maintenance. 

It is crucial to clean and lightly oil the bolt assembly after every use to remove dirt and prevent corrosion. 

Moreover, periodic checks by a professional gunsmith can help detect potential issues early and ensure the longevity of the firearm. 

Regular maintenance not only keeps the gun in good condition but also ensures safety when in use.

Unstable Stock


The instability in the Savage A22 Magnum’s stock is primarily due to its lightweight and potentially substandard construction materials. 

This may result in poor balance while shooting, causing the firearm to sway or kick, thus affecting the user’s accuracy. 

The lightweight, poor balance and substandard construction are significant factors contributing to the unstable stock.


A feasible solution to this problem is to invest in a replacement stock of higher quality. 

Look for one that’s not only durable but also ergonomically designed to provide optimal balance and comfort during use. 

Another solution is to add weight to the stock, which can improve balance and reduce recoil. Upgrading to a better quality stock, or adding weight to the existing one, can significantly enhance the firearm’s stability and the user’s shooting accuracy.

Difficulty in Adjusting the Scope


The most common reason for difficulty in adjusting the scope of the Savage A22 Magnum is misalignment. 

Misalignment may be due to improper mounting or a manufacturing issue. Furthermore, inadequate maintenance or mishandling can also contribute to the problem.

Keep in mind that improper mounting, a manufacturing defect, or lack of care can lead to misalignment of the scope.


To rectify this issue, first, ensure the scope is correctly mounted. If the issue persists, consider consulting with a professional or the manufacturer for possible defects. 

Regular cleaning and careful handling of the rifle can also prevent such issues in the future.

Ensure proper mounting and consult a professional if needed. Regular maintenance and careful handling are also key to preventing scope adjustment problems.


In conclusion, addressing the common issue of difficulty in adjusting the scope on the Savage A22 Magnum requires a systematic approach. 

Misalignment, often due to improper mounting, a manufacturing defect, or lack of care, is the usual culprit. 

Correct mounting and regular maintenance can prevent this issue significantly, enhancing your overall shooting experience. 

If problems persist, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional or contact the manufacturer, as this may indicate underlying defects that need expert attention. 

Remember, careful handling and regular cleaning are not just preventive measures, but also essential for the longevity and optimal performance of your firearm.


Is the Savage A22 accurate?

Yes, the Savage A22 demonstrates exceptional accuracy, thanks to its delayed blowback action and precision-crafted barrel.

What is the best 22 Magnum semi-auto rifle?

While subjective, many firearms enthusiasts regard the Ruger 10/22 as the best .22 Magnum semi-automatic rifle due to its reliable performance and excellent build quality.

Is Savage A22 a Magnum?

Yes, there is a variant of the Savage A22 that is chambered for .22 Magnum rounds, known as the Savage A22 Magnum.

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