Savage 110 High Country Problems (13 Fixes Added!)

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Savage 110 High Country Problems

Savage 110 High Country Problems

The Savage 110 High Country, in general, boasts an excellent reputation for its performance and reliability.

However, some users have reported minor issues. These include the rifle’s weight, which can make it challenging to handle during extended hunting trips.

Additionally, the bolt action could potentially be smoother, and some users have reported variations in accuracy with different ammunition types.

1 . Difficulty in Bolt Operation


The most common cause of this problem is a lack of lubrication on the bolt’s surface. 

Over time and with continuous use, the bolt can start to dry out, leading to increased friction during operation. This can make it difficult to smoothly open and close the bolt.


To resolve this issue, regularly lubricate the bolt surfaces with gun-grade oil. 

Make sure to avoid using petroleum jelly or other lubricants that could damage the metal of your firearm.

2 . Misalignment of Scope Mounts


The misalignment of scope mounts can occur due to inconsistencies during the manufacturing process or an error during installation. 

It may also be due to the usage of low-quality or incompatible mounting hardware. 

The key symptom of this problem is off-center shots, even after careful aiming and re-checking the fitting.


To rectify this, ensure the correct installation of the mounting hardware and opt for quality scope rings and bases that are compatible with the Savage 110 High Country. 

Consider using a scope alignment tool to check the alignment and adjust as necessary. In case the issue persists, professional gunsmithing might be required to correct any inherent mechanical inaccuracies. 

Remember, alignment is paramount for accurate long-range shooting.

3 . Inconsistent Trigger Pull Weight


The inconsistency in the trigger pull weight in a Savage 110 High Country can be due to irregular cleaning and maintenance, leading to the accumulation of grime and dirt in the trigger assembly. 

Another possible cause is the loosening of the trigger adjustment screw over time due to frequent use.


Regular cleaning and lubrication of the trigger assembly can significantly reduce the inconsistency in trigger pull weight. 

It’s advisable to use a quality gun-cleaning solvent and lubricant. If the problem persists, consider checking the trigger adjustment screw.

If it has loosened, tighten the screw until you achieve the desired trigger pull weight. Always remember, that regular maintenance is key to consistent trigger pull weight

Consult a professional gunsmith if the problem continues.

4 . Difficulty in Magazine Loading


One common issue with the Savage 110 High Country rifle is the difficulty in reloading the magazine. 

Usually, this problem arises due to the stiff magazine spring or the lack of proper maintenance, leading to dust and debris accumulation.


A simple and effective solution involves regularly cleaning and oiling the magazine, especially the spring. 

This helps to lessen the stiffness and ensures smoother loading operation. In case of persistent stiffness, consider replacing the spring. 

Always remember, that regular maintenance is critical for the efficient operation of any firearm. Clean and lubricate your magazine regularly for smooth reloading.

5 . Inconsistent Accuracy


Inconsistent accuracy with the Savage 110 High Country is often due to user error. However, it can also be related to the rifle’s barrel or ammunition quality. 

Poor quality ammunition or a dirty barrel can significantly affect the accuracy of your shots.


To resolve this issue, ensure that you are using high-quality ammunition and maintaining your rifle correctly

Regularly clean the barrel of the rifle to eliminate any debris that may influence the trajectory of your shots. 

Additionally, consider taking a firearms training course to improve your shooting technique and understanding of the firearm.

Remember: Regular maintenance and quality ammunition are critical for consistent accuracy.

6 . Failure to Feed


The failure to feed issue in Savage 110 High Country can often be attributed to the improper handling of the magazine or use of unbranded ammunition. 

When the magazine is not seated correctly or the ammunition is not of good quality, it may not load into the chamber smoothly, causing a feed failure.


To rectify this, ensure that the magazine is properly installed by following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Moreover, opting for high-quality, branded ammunition can significantly reduce this problem. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the firearm is also important to ensure its consistent performance. In cases where the problem persists, consider seeking professional help.

7 . Barrel Heating Issues


The cause of barrel heating issues in the Savage 110 High Country often lies in the frequency and rapidity of firing. 

The consistent ignition of gunpowder results in an excessive build-up of heat within the barrel, leading to thermal expansion and potential warping.


The solution to mitigate barrel heating issues is to allow appropriate intervals between shots for the barrel to cool down. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance can also prevent the accumulation of residues which might exacerbate the heating effect. 

Also, using a barrel cooler can be beneficial in significantly reducing the barrel’s temperature. 

Remember, giving your firearm time to cool, combined with regular maintenance, can significantly improve the longevity and performance of the Savage 110 High Country.

8 . Failure to Eject


The primary cause for “Failure to Eject” is often linked to a malfunctioning extractor. 

The extractor is responsible for removing spent shells after firing. If it gets worn out or damaged, it may not perform this task efficiently, leading to “Failure to Eject”. 

Other causes could include dirt or debris in the chamber.


The solution for “Failure to Eject” involves regular maintenance and inspection of the firearm. 

Ensure to clean the chamber regularly and check the condition of the extractor frequently

If the extractor is damaged, it should be replaced immediately to prevent further issues. It is also recommended to use quality ammunition to minimize the chance of failure.

10 . Difficulty in Disassembly and Reassembly


The most common reason behind the difficulty in disassembly and reassembly is a lack of familiarity with the firearm’s components and assembly process. 

The Savage 110 High Country has a unique design that may pose a challenge to those used to disassembling and reassembling more traditional firearms.


The key to easy disassembly and reassembly is familiarity and practice. 

Begin by thoroughly studying the firearm’s manual, which provides detailed instructions and diagrams. Ensure you understand each step before attempting to disassemble or reassemble the firearm.

 Remember to keep all parts in a safe and organized manner to avoid losing any small, crucial parts. 

Practice this process regularly to gain confidence and proficiency. Consider seeking guidance from a professional if you continue to experience difficulties.

11 . Issues with the Recoil Pad


The recoil pad of the Savage 110 High Country can sometimes cause discomfort or slippage, especially with extended use. 

This can be due to poor contact between the pad and shooter’s shoulder, a fault in the design of the pad, or simply because it needs to be cleaned.


The easiest solution is to replace the recoil pad with an aftermarket version designed specifically for your firearm. 

If that isn’t an option, then you can try cleaning it thoroughly with a soft cloth and mild soap. 

If that still doesn’t provide any relief, you may need to look into having the pad professionally modified or replaced.

12 . Loose Firing Pin Retaining Pin


The Savage 110 High Country firearm can experience issues with a loose firing pin retaining pin. 

The main cause for this could be regular wear and tear, or it may be due to improper handling and storage. 

This issue can lead to unreliable performance of the firearm, potentially posing safety risks.


To resolve this issue, you should first ensure that the firearm is unloaded and safe to handle. Next, inspect the firing pin retaining pin for any signs of damage or wear. 

If any are found, the pin should be replaced. Always use manufacturer-approved parts to maintain the integrity of the firearm.

Remember: Regular inspection and proper maintenance of your firearm can prevent issues such as a loose firing pin retaining pin.

13 . Difficulty in Adjusting the AccuTrigger


The Savage 110 High Country comes with an adjustable AccuTrigger that allows shooters to modify the pull weight to their preference. 

However, difficulty in adjusting the AccuTrigger might stem from a lack of familiarity with the adjustment process or the use of incorrect tools.


To resolve this, first, ensure you’re using the trigger adjustment tool provided by Savage. Remove the action from the stock to access the trigger mechanism. 

Insert the adjustment tool into the trigger return spring. Turning the tool clockwise will increase the pull weight while turning it counter-clockwise will decrease it. 

Always ensure to make small adjustments and check the pull weight often to prevent it from becoming too light, which could lead to safety issues. 

If the problem persists, consider having a professional gunsmith make the adjustments.


As we’ve explored, the Savage 110 High Country, despite its popularity and proven performance, does come with a series of potential issues.

Each of these challenges, whether it’s a difficulty in bolt operation, inaccurate scope mounts, or an inconsistent trigger pull weight, can impact the firearm’s overall performance.

However, by identifying and understanding these common problems, along with their causes and solutions, you can take proactive measures to ensure your firearm operates at its best.

Remember, the key to maintaining any tool lies in regular maintenance and attention to detail. If you observe any of these issues arising, don’t panic.

Instead, refer to this guide, apply the relevant solutions and continue to enjoy the reliability and precision that the Savage 110 High Country offers.


Is the Savage 110 reliable?

Yes, the Savage 110 is renowned for its reliability and durable construction, making it a preferred choice for many shooting enthusiasts.

How accurate is the Savage rifle?

The Savage rifles, especially the Savage 110, have been praised for their exceptional accuracy, often providing sub-MOA accuracy under ideal conditions.

What is a Savage 110 used for?

The Savage 110 is a versatile rifle used for various purposes, including hunting, target shooting, and competitive shooting events.

The Savage 110 is designed to deliver MOA accuracy, meaning it’s capable of shooting groups of shots within 1 inch of each other at 100 yards under optimal conditions.

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