8 Common Savage 110 Ultralight Problems

The Savage 110 Ultralight is a remarkable firearm, renowned for its lightweight design and superior accuracy. 

However, like any sophisticated piece of engineering, it can occasionally present challenges to even the most seasoned shooters. 

This article delves into 8 common issues that may arise with the Savage 110 Ultralight, providing helpful insights and potential solutions for each problem.

Savage 110 Ultralight Problems

Trigger Issue

One of the common problems some users face with the Savage 110 Ultralight is the trigger issue. 

This generally manifests as an unpredictable pull weight, causing users to have inconsistent accuracy while shooting. 

The problem stems from a potential flaw in the design or manufacturing of the AccuTrigger system that is part of this model.


The ideal solution is to adjust the trigger to its preferred position. Start by ensuring that the firearm is unloaded. 

Then, with the appropriate tool provided in your rifle kit, adjust the trigger screw. Always remember to test the adjustment in a safe and secure environment.

Magazine Problem

The Savage 110 Ultralight is a masterful piece of engineering and a reliable companion for many hunters. However, it’s not without its issues and one recurring problem that some users have reported pertains to its magazine. 

Some hunters have noticed that the magazine doesn’t feed the bullets properly into the chamber, causing interruptions during a hunt. 

This is often due to the design of the magazine which seems to be a little loose and fails to hold the bullets securely.


The perfect position for addressing the magazine problem lies in the alignment of the magazine with the rest of the rifle.

One solution could be to use a specifically designed tool that adjusts the magazine’s position, ensuring it sits flush with the rifle. 

This could potentially rectify the feeding issue, leading to a smoother and more reliable operation.

Feeding Issues

Another prevalent issue, closely related to the magazine problem in the Savage 110 Ultralight, is the feeding problem. Some users have reported that the bullets aren’t being fed into the chamber properly. 

This issue tends to manifest itself particularly when quick successive rounds are required during a hunting expedition. 

The underlying cause of this problem might be the interaction between the magazine and the rifle’s feed ramp, which if not perfectly synced, can lead to bullets not being fed smoothly into the chamber.


The ideal solution to rectify the feeding issue mirrors the solution for the magazine problem and lies in the careful positioning and alignment of the magazine. 

A specially devised tool can be used to adjust the angle at which the bullets are fed from the magazine to the feed ramp in the rifle. 

Ensuring that the bullets transition smoothly from the magazine to the chamber can significantly minimize the feeding issue, thus enhancing the overall operational reliability of the Savage 110 Ultralight.

Failure to Fire Issue

The “Failure to Fire” is a noteworthy problem associated with the Savage 110 Ultralight rifle. This issue typically entails the rifle failing to discharge a round despite the trigger being pulled. 

This situation not only impedes shooting efficiency but can also pose a safety risk if not addressed appropriately.


The perfect position for the Savage 110 Ultralight rifle when addressing the “Failure to Fire” problem involves ensuring that the firearm is unloaded and safe to handle. 

The shooter should check the firearm’s chamber, inspect the ammunition, and consider professional assistance if the problem persists. 

Understanding the cause and solutions for this issue can greatly enhance the firearm’s performance and the overall shooting experience.

Bolt Problems

The Savage 110 Ultralight weapon is renowned for its exceptional performance and sturdy design, but like any other mechanical device, it does have its share of issues. 

A common problem experienced by many users is related to the bolt mechanism. Users have reported the bolt becoming excessively tight or even jammed, making it difficult to operate.


Struggling with a bolt issue can be frustrating, but it often boils down to improper positioning. Ensuring the bolt is in the correct position can often solve the problem. 

This involves checking the alignment of the bolt, ensuring it’s not tilted or displaced. 

Regular cleaning and lubrication can also aid in improving bolt operation and preventing these issues from recurring.

Misfires Issue

The Savage 110 Ultralight is a highly rated firearm known for its lightweight design and precision shooting. However, like any mechanical device, it may occasionally experience issues. 

One common problem reported by users is the occurrence of misfires.

Misfires are situations where the gun fails to fire despite the trigger being pulled and can be caused by a variety of factors including ammunition issues, mechanical faults, or maintenance oversights. 


To pinpoint the source of the misfire issue, check the firearm thoroughly. Begin with the ammunition: ensure it’s not damaged, old, or improperly loaded. 

Next, inspect the firearm’s firing pin to ensure its perfect position. Misalignment or damage to the firing pin could result in misfires. 

Barrel Overheating

One common issue that many Savage 110 Ultralight users have reported is barrel overheating. 

With continuous shooting, the barrel tends to get excessively heated, potentially affecting the rifle’s accuracy and longevity. 

Overheating is not just a problem for the performance of the rifle, but it could also be a safety concern for the shooter.


Addressing this issue might involve investigating and adjusting the positioning of the rifle during use. Ensuring the firearm is in the perfect position and is not held tightly for extended periods can help manage heat dissipation effectively. 

Having regular intervals between firing rounds can provide the necessary cooling periods for the barrel. 

Thus, a slight modification in handling might be a simple and effective solution to address the barrel overheating issue.

Limited Caliber Options

One of the key issues that users have encountered with the Savage 110 Ultralight is the limited caliber options. 

While the Savage 110 Ultralight is a high-performance rifle, touted for its strength and accuracy, it currently offers only a few select calibers. This restrictive selection may deter hunters or sport shooters who prefer or require a specific caliber not available in this model. 

Furthermore, the current range of caliber options may not be suitable for all game or competitive shooting disciplines, limiting the utility of this otherwise exceptional firearm.

10 Best Tips To Use Carefully Savage 110 Ultralight In the Future

Understanding the Weapon

Before handling the Savage 110 Ultralight, make sure you fully understand its operation. Read the user manual thoroughly and familiarize yourself with all the safety features.

Proper Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for the longevity and optimum performance of the rifle. Always ensure it’s cleaned after each use.

Handling and Storage

Always handle the rifle with care and maintain a safe direction of the muzzle. When storing, ensure the rifle is unloaded and safely locked away.

Use Proper Ammunition

Using the right ammunition specified by the manufacturer is crucial to avoid any damage to the rifle and to ensure safety.

Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect the rifle for signs of wear and tear. If any parts appear damaged, seek professional help for the replacement.

Wear Protection

Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting to safeguard against any potential injury.

Proper Stance

Maintain a proper stance when shooting the rifle. This will help to manage the recoil and improve overall accuracy.

Safe Environment

Make sure to use the Savage 110 Ultralight in a controlled and safe environment, like a shooting range, away from populated areas.

Follow Laws

Adhere to all local, state, and federal laws regarding firearm possession and use.

Professional Training

Especially for beginners, professional training is recommended for handling the Savage 110 Ultralight safely and efficiently.


How accurate is Savage 110 Ultralite?

The Savage 110 Ultralite is renowned for its accuracy, due to its lightweight yet sturdy design.

Is the Savage Model 110 any good?

Yes, the Savage Model 110 is highly regarded for its precision, durability, and affordability.

Which Savage 110 is the most accurate?

Accuracy can vary, but the Savage 110 Precision is often cited as being highly precise due to its customizable features.

What is the recall on Savage Arms?

Savage Arms occasionally issues recalls. It’s best to check their official website or contact customer service for the most recent information.

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